Where to Stay in Aalborg

Where to Stay in Aalborg

An increasing number of international travelers are becoming interested in Northern Denmark. Aalborg is the main city in this region – and the only one that has an international airport – so naturally, it’s an obvious destination to visit!

Aside from attracting more and more tourists, Aalborg is also an important business city. If you’re coming here for work, it is also highly important to find the best possible accommodation that suits your needs.

In this article, we are guiding you towards the best places to stay in Aalborg. Learn more about areas, hotels, hostels, facilities, price ranges and more. If you’re looking for our one best recommendation, we suggest that you stay with Scandic Aalborg City. It’s central, nice, clean, large and the prices are affordable. To learn more about this hotel – or to get other recommendations – you can read on below.

Best areas in Aalborg

Ideally you want to be in the center of the city to properly enjoy it. That way, you will have most attractions within walking distance. There is no metro in Aalborg and no light rail, but there is a large network of buses. You can also rent a car, but that is probably only necessary if you are going to different Danish cities as well. Most of Aalborg is walkable, so if you’re staying somewhere central, you can easily discover most things by foot.

The deep center is considered to be the area between the waterfront in the north, the Vesterbro street in the west, the train station in the south and the park Karolinelund in the east. In this area, you will find the largest crowds, the main shopping district, the main businesses in the city, etc. It’s an ideal place to stay.

However, note that many of Aalborg’s most important attractions (such as the Aalborg Tower, Kildeparken, the Zoo and the museum Kunsten) are not located in the deep center, but in fact a bit southwest of it. The walking distance is not long, though: You can easily cover this distance by foot if you’re staying in the old, central part of Aalborg.

Staying outside of Aalborg, in one of the suburbs like Nørresundby, Hasseris, Skalborg, Vejborg is not really recommended for tourists, nor for business travelers.

Hotels in Aalborg: Top 3

Let’s have a look at the hotels in Aalborg matching the ideal locations to stay in. You’ll find three different suggestions below.

Scandic Aalborg City

In many ways, Scandic is just a typical – but ideal – hotel. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, but it is large, cozy, offers breakfast, there is almost always availability due to its large size, and it gets good reviews by previous visitors. Therefore, it’s not lacking in anything, and that is the most important thing – it’s a practical place to stay, although nothing super fancy.

Location-wise, it’s also hard to complain. Scandic Aalborg City is located close to the train station, right on the northern edge of Kildeparken. It’s less than 400 meters away from attractions such as the museum Kunsten, the Aalborg Tower and the central shopping areas. That makes it ideal for tourists and cultural travelers.

For business travelers, Scandic also works just fine. The hotel is directly connected to Aalborg’s center of congress. You can print documents, book a meeting room, use Wi-Fi, park your car outside, and so on.

The average price per night is 85€ – a bit less than $100. It’s a four star hotel.

Book your stay with Scandic Aalborg City here!

If you need an alternative to Scandic, you can take a look at Comwell Hvide Hus, another great hotel. However, be aware that Comwell does not allow children to stay there, which can be an issue if you’re a family going on vacation. But aside from that, it has a similar location and similar benefits as to what Scandic offers.

Radisson Blu Aalborg

Radisson Blu Aalborg is a slightly more modern hotel, and it appeals to everyone visiting Aalborg for pleasure. It is located right by the water, and it is directly connected to Aalborg Casino. Jomfru Ane Gade, the main street in Aalborg for bars, clubs and restaurants, is just a short walk away. So Radisson Blue is definitely perfect if you’re looking to entertain yourself in Aalborg!

Overall, you can expect a great stay, since the rooms are modern and nice. The service is awesome, you can eat breakfast right at the hotel in the morning, and there is also a gym with equipment, showers and sauna. The staff speaks five different languages (English, German, French, Italian and Russian) aside from Danish.

As something unique, you can bring your pets if you’re staying with Radisson Blu, although it costs a small extra fee.

It has an average rating of 8.1 out of 10. However, couples rate it as 8.9 on average, which is slightly higher.

Book your stay with Radisson Blu Aalborg here!

Cabinn Aalborg

If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper than the two previous options, you can choose Cabinn Aalborg. It’s probably the best affordable hotel in Aalborg, making it one of the best places to stay in the city if you are on a budget.

Cabinn’s concept is simple: They provide nice, clean and simple rooms for affordable prices. It’s located right in the middle of Aalborg, making it easy to discover everything while you’re visiting.

The hotel gets good reviews and it is significantly cheaper than the average hotel prices in Aalborg (and Denmark in general). The reception is open 24 hours, and you can expect tremendous service. If you want to shop, the mall Friis is right next to the hotel. Cabinn Aalborg might not be the most luxurious hotel in Aalborg, but it is definitely the place where you get the most value for the money.

Take a look at Cabinn Aalborg here and book your stay!

Hostels and B&B

Youth Hostel Aalborg is the most popular hostel for young travelers and it is located 3.5 kilometers away from the center, equivalent to around 40 minutes of walking. We recommend you to find a hotel instead – not that there’s anything wrong with the hostel, but regarding location you might as well pay a bit extra and stay where you’re closer to everything.

Alternatively, take a look at Aalborg Vandrehjem, a classic hostel in the northwestern part of the city. While more central than Youth Hostel Aalborg, we still recommend you to find a hotel instead. The price is not much different, so it’s better to get a comfy hotel experience instead.

There are many private bed and breakfasts around Aalborg; although usually located a bit outside of the center.

Regarding Airbnb apartments, there should be a few good options. You can expect similar prices to hotel rooms, but with a bit more personal freedom, of course. There are some upsides and downsides to using Airbnb, but it’s generally a fine solution when you’re looking for a place to stay in Aalborg. We are not familiar with any specific Airbnb apartments, but you can take a look yourself at their website.

Airport accommodation

If you’re only staying in Aalborg for a short while and need to fly out early in the morning, it can be a great idea to stay with Aalborg Airport Hotel.

This hotel is located right in front of the airport, and it takes just 1 minute to walk inside the check-in area.

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Expect to pay around 70 EUR/USD for a night in a regular room. The hotel is quite nice, and you can also enjoy a breakfast there. However, it is a bit impractical if you want to discover the city of Aalborg and all of its attractions, since you have to take the bus back and forward. But if you simply need to stay close to the airport for transportation reasons, this is the one to pick.

Hotels in nearby towns

Many travelers fly in to Aalborg since its airport is the gateway to Northern Denmark.

There are towns in this region that gets almost as many yearly visitors as Aalborg itself. For example, coastal towns Løkken, Blokhus and Skagen are wildly popular, and they all have nice hotels, holiday apartments and rental beach houses. So that can be an option too, assuming Aalborg is not your main target, but you simply want to explore Northern Denmark.

For more information about hotels and apartments a bit outside of Aalborg, but in the same region as Aalborg, take a look at one of the following articles:


Aalborg has over 30 hotels, along with a couple of hostels, several holiday apartments and a few other options. We highly recommend booking a hotel room, since there are many great hotels in the center of Aalborg. Besides, it’s not as expensive as in other Danish cities, such as Copenhagen and Aarhus where hotel prices are a bit higher on average.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your trip – find recommendations on what to see in Aalborg, where to shop and where to eat out through the listed links!

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