Here are some useful travel resources: – Best place for finding hotels and other types of accommodation. They have a huge selection in most cities and resorts.

Travala – Book your trip with cryptocurrency and save money.

Airbnb – If you don’t want a hotel or a hostel but prefer a local holiday apartment, this is where to look.

Vrbo – Another great site with holiday apartments and other cool rentals around the world. Prices are typically higher than at Airbnb, but so is the quality.

Skyscanner – The perfect site to use if you’re looking for cheap plane tickets for your trip. Even if you don’t know where you’re going yet, you can get suggestions through Skyscanner and see where it’s cheapest to fly to.

Expedia – A travel site where you can search for a bit of everything. Cheap flights, nice hotels, car rental according to your needs. You get the option to book a package of everything with a possibility of an overall discount.

Wikitravel – Further information on all sorts of destinations around the world.

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