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Billund Airport Guide

Billund Airport is the second largest airport in Denmark. It is located close to Legoland and it is within a short distance from cities such as Aarhus and Vejle, so the airport naturally attracts a lot of attention.

Here is a full guide to Billund Airport – you’ll learn about transportation, nearby hotels, main flight routes, parking and what to do inside the airport.

Facts about the airport

Billund Airport (BLL) is an international airport located in a somewhat central part of Denmark. It is the second largest of the country and it carries the second largest amount of traffic in Denmark.

Construction of the airport was started in 1961 when Lego director Godtfred Kirk Christiansen decided to make an 800 meter airfield close to the Lego factory in Billund. Later, with the support of Christiansen, it became a public airport and the local municipalities invested in it. These municipalities still own the majority of the shares in the airport.

The amount of passengers has increased every year, expecting to reach a bit over 3 million per year going forward. There is only one terminal in the airport, but it is large enough for several airlines to have activities in Billund.

Flying in and out of Billund makes sense if you intend to visit Legoland, the Triangle Region in Denmark which consists of Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia, the oldest town Ribe, or even Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus.

Transport to and from Billund Airport

There are several options when it comes to transportation to/from the airport.

While there are no trains, there are several buses. You can also take a taxi to wherever you’re going, or you can rent a car.

Here are the buses that stop by in Billund Airport:

  • 912X: Billund Airport – Vejle – Horsens – Skanderborg – Aarhus
  • 43 and 143: Billund Airport – Vejle
  • 144 and 944X: Billund Airport – Esbjerg
  • 119: Billund Airport – Give-Tørring
  • 166: Billund Airport – Kolding
  • FlixBus: Billund Airport – Odense
  • ShuttleBus: From the parking area to the terminal
  • Summer ShuttleBus: Drives from the airport to the center of Billund

The ShuttleBus is free – just hop on. As for the normal lines, you can buy a ticket when you get on the bus, or you can do it on your phone in advance. The FlixBus usually requires a prior reservation.

Several taxi companies also offer airport transfers. Get a full overview of all the companies here. You can call one them in advance to arrange your pickup.

Car rental can be arranged in the airport, as there are six rental companies in the airport. You can rent your car upon arrival and deliver it again when you’re flying home. It is cheapest if you book your car in advance, but it is possible to just show up and find a car once you land in Billund.

Hotels near Billund Airport

If you have an early flight, if you’re just staying in Billund for one day, or if you simply prefer being close to the airport, you have one option.

Zleep Hotel is located just five minutes away (walking). You can check in at any time during the day. The hotel is very convenient if the airport location is important to you. It’s a nice and modern hotel with nice facilities, although not a luxurious hotel. Previous visitors rate it 4 out of 5 on average.

There are 163 rooms in total and the hotel is handicap-friendly. Zleep Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, gym and storage for your baggage. It also has a restaurant, a bar and a café, so you can always get something to eat or drink. If you are bringing a car, you can park it in the airport while staying with the hotel.

Book your stay with Zleep Hotel Billund here!

Aside from Zleep Hotel, which is the closest to the airport, you can also choose one of the local hotels in Billund – for example, close to the Legoland. It will require you to take a bus or drive to the airport when you’re leaving, but the distance is still relatively short, so it will be a quick trip. Get an overview of the best hotels in Billund here.

Main airlines and routes

The most popular route is Billund-Amsterdam, served by KLM.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has a daily domestic route between Billund and Copenhagen, although it is not as popular as Aalborg-Copenhagen. Due to the close proximity between Aalborg and Billund, there is no direct route between the two airports, at least not when it comes to commercial traffic. Aside from Billund-Copenhagen, SAS also offers the route Billund-Stockholm.

Norwegian flies frequently between Billund and Oslo, Alicante and Las Palmas.

RyanAir uses Billund as the base for two Boeing 737-800, covering five different routes.

Lufthansa has a frequent route to Frankfurt am Main. Air France has a route between Billund and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. You can also fly to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines all year around.

British Airways allows you to fly from Billund to destinations such as London, Manchester, Munich, Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Primera Air is another big name in Billund: It offers steady direct connections to Antalya, Barcelona, Faro, Lisbon, Málaga, Nice and Venice.

Aside from these main routes, there are many seasonal routes. Primera Air flies to Alicante, Azores, Crete, Mallorca, Rhodos and several other destinations.

Icelandair has a seasonal route to Reykjavik. AirBaltic flies to Riga. WizzAir opened routes to Gdansk and Vilnius.

News are always coming in about new destinations. Likewise, it sometimes happens that a connection is removed. But overall, there are many ways to reach Billund, and many ways for the locals to get out. It ranks second among Danish airports when it comes to the amount of connections.


Billund Airport has plenty of parking spaces. Unlike in Aalborg Airport, you do have to pay to park there. The prices depend on the area you choose.

The cheapest is the P3 area. However, it’s only meant for short term parking. The first hour is free, after that you pay 30 DKK per hour.

The other parking spots usually cost either 85 or 90 DKK per day, with a discount if you book a parking spot for a whole week. If you prefer indoor parking (so the car doesn’t get wet/dirty if it rains), the price rises to 150 DKK per day.

You can save money and get a guaranteed spot for your car if you book in advance. It can be done by calling +45 75 35 40 33. They recommend booking at least 4 months in advance to get one of the main parking spots, but there should still be some availabilities, even in the last moment.

Shopping and dining options

The airport has a couple of shops where you can spend some time while waiting. Visit the Lego shop, Bestseller, Danish Design, WHSmith, or the large Taxfree area if you want to shop and look for products.

If you want to eat in Billund Airport, you can choose one of the following places, all located inside the airport.

  • Gastro (restaurant with a great view)
  • Diner (calm and nice restaurant)
  • Café Square (for a quick drink, snack or smaller meal)
  • Lagkagehuset (if you want Danish cake, sandwich, juice or coffee)
  • Sunset Boulevard (a fastfood restaurant)

Café Square is located before check-in. All the other restaurants are located after security.

Food is expensive in the airport, just so you’re warned. The quality is quite good though. You can get a nice meal before flying.

Service in the airport

Service in Billund Airport is good, without being spectacular. The airport is nice and clean, it’s easy to get around, and if you have a question, simply ask the staff.

It does happen that a flight gets delayed, just like anywhere else. Fortunately, Billund Airport is a nice place to wait, even though it doesn’t have the sheer size of many international airports outside of Denmark. The downside is that most things are expensive, so if you have a prolonged stay in the airport, it can quickly get frustrating!

But generally speaking, most visitors are happy when using Billund Airport. While Copenhagen Airport has more connections, and while Aalborg Airport offers a more smooth experience, Billund still offers a very good overall package, and if you’re flying in, you can certainly anticipate a nice experience.

Photo credit: Nico-dk – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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