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The best tourist attractions in Billund Denmark

Billund is a small town, even by Danish standards, and somehow home to the most remarkable attractions in the country. That has made it one of the best family destinations in Europe. If you are stopping by for a visit, you might be looking for the best things to do in Billund. Here is our list of the top five tourist attractions in Billund!

Obviously, the Legoland Resort is the top attraction in Billund and certainly the highlight of the town. But what about visiting Scandinavia’s largest water park, a museum revolving around teddy bears, or a famous square dedicated to the founder of Lego?

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LEGOLAND® Billund Resort

Lego (the famous construction-toy brand) was founded in Billund by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. It became so popular in Denmark and abroad that the brand expanded into amusement parks. These parks became known as ‘Legoland’ – and the first one opened in Billund in 1968!

While there are now Legoland resort parks all around the world (including in Windsor, New York, Dubai and Shanghai), the Legoland in Billund is the original one. For this exact reason, it attracts a lot of tourists. Legoland is the single most visited attraction in Denmark, outside the capital Copenhagen.

There are about 50 attractions in total at Legoland, of which four are roller coasters. Obviously, most attractions at the resort are related to Lego in one way or another. There are also exhibitions and decorations all over. It is basically a big land of Lego!

That makes the park well-suited for families who travel with kids. But even though the vast majority of attractions are directed at kids and teenagers, adults will also find the park interesting. The ‘Mini Land’ is one of the highlights: This is a section of brick models that depict the most famous buildings in Denmark, including Copenhagen’s Nyhavn and Amalienborg Castle, Billund Airport, Dybbøl Mill, and houses from Ribe and Skagen. Everything is built with Lego on a scale of 1:20. We consider the Mini Land to be the best part of the Legoland Resort as it really is an attraction in itself.

Legoland Billund Resort is open for the entire summer, but closed in the winter and in the early spring. In the late spring and in the autumn, the park is usually open, but only on weekends and selected weekdays. A one-day ticket bought at the entrance costs 499 DKK. If you buy online in advance it costs 329 DKK. It is also possible to buy multi-day tickets, group tickets, and seasonal passes. Find all the details at Legoland’s website.

Address: Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund

Lalandia Aquadome

Lalandia Billund

Billund is also home to a really cool water park. Lalandia Aquadome is the largest tropical water park in Scandinavia. It has some exciting water coasters like Twister, Turbo Racer, The Tornado, and Octopus Racer.

The park also has regular swimming pools and calm water areas for swimming and chilling.

Like the Legoland Resort, it is mostly a place for families with kids. That’s the case for most attractions in Billund. It’s a family town.

Lalandia is clearly most famous for its Aquadome with all the water attractions, but it also has facilities that aren’t related to water: You can visit the arcade, go bowling, play minigolf, climb on a wall, work out in the gym, even skate on ice if you visit during the winter. Overall, Lalandia is a modern entertainment venue with so many different attractions that you could easily stay there for days. And that’s exactly what many families do. They buy multi-day passes to Lalandia, as you can easily keep yourself entertained for days.

If you wish to visit Lalandia in Billund, go to the official website to find the current opening hours and ticket prices.

Address: Ellehammers Alle 3, 7190 Billund

Teddy Bear Art Museum

Teddy Bear Art Museum Billund

Have you ever been to a Teddy Bear Museum before?

If you haven’t, you should visit the one in Billund! As mentioned earlier, Billund is a popular family destination and here is yet another fun attraction for families.

This museum is located inside the former home of the members of the Lego family. It is a relatively large museum – 776 square meters – and it has over 1,200 teddy bears in the collection.

Teddy bears have been popular toys for centuries, and this museum emphasizes the art of the teddy bear. When you visit the museum, you can see different types of teddy bears from the earliest models to the current ones and everything in between. The collection has teddy bears from all around the world and there are regularly new exhibitions.

The museum also has a café, a shop, and a section for learning how to make teddy bears yourself (!). There is a large garden outside the museum which is also quite nice. Located in the town center of Billund, the museum is easy to find and it is a great place to spend a few hours.

Address: Hans Jensensvej 3, 7190 Billund


This park is one of the free attractions in Billund. It is a nice green area with plenty of sculptures. When you visit it, you walk along a trail, and you get to see the sculptures one by one. There are currently 19 permanent sculptures, but the park officially plans to add about 30 more.

It was founded in 1991 and covers a huge area of Billund. The Skulpturpark is open 24/7 so you can always stop by, whenever you have time to see it. Some people go there for a run, just to exercise in beautiful surroundings. The park offers an interesting combination of nature and culture. We highly recommend taking a walk through the park and seeing all the sculptures!

Address: Hans Jensensvej 6, 7190 Billund

Ole Kirks Plads & Lego House

Ole Kirks Plads (Founder of LEGO)

In central Billund we find two attractions that are connected to each other:

  • Ole Kirks Plads
  • The Lego House

Ole Kirks Plads is a square dedicated to the founder of Lego. Due to the interesting block design, it is a cool place to visit and an ideal spot to take a photo or two. Right next to it is the Lego House, which has a large Lego shop and activity center inside. It is free to enter some parts of the Lego House which includes the main shop. It is also free to go to the roof of the building where you can get a nice view of the town center and sometimes see airplanes flying into Billund Airport.

However, you do have to pay to get into the exhibition area of the Lego House. Quick tip: if you book online you will get a 50 DKK discount per person.

When visiting the venue, you can learn about Lego, play with Lego, and buy some Legos to bring home – perhaps as a present. Just like the Legoland Resort, the Lego House is a great attraction for families with kids. But in general, this place is for everybody who likes Lego and wants to explore the history of the brand — at its very birthplace!

Address: Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund

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