Where to Stay in Billund, Denmark – Best Hotels in Billund

Where to stay in Billund Denmark

Billund is a small town in south-central Denmark. However, it gets a lot of tourism due to the presence of an international airport and the Legoland Resort. If you are trying to figure out where to stay in Billund, we will take you through the best options here.

Many visitors stay in Billund for just one or two days. Regardless of whether you are coming for a short or a long visit, it is still important to find a comfortable place to stay.

Due to the small size of the town, we will not look into specific neighborhood descriptions like we do in other city guides. Rather, we will recommend the best hotels situated near the most important sites in Billund.

Hotel near Legoland in Billund

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel – Book here

Legoland Castle Hotel Billund

This hotel is designed like a large Lego castle. It is situated just a quick walk away from the main entrance to the Legoland Resort and about 800 meters away from the Lalandia Resort. You can stay at the Legoland Castle Hotel regardless of whether you are visiting Legoland or not.

There are three different types of rooms: Princess, Wizard, and Dragon Knight. Every single room at the hotel has a specific Lego theme, and so do the common areas. On top of staying in a cool and well decorated room, guests will also have access to indoor playgrounds, internet, free parking, and a restaurant. A breakfast buffet is served every morning. The reception is open 24/7 and the check-in and check-out hours are quite flexible.

The Legoland Castle Hotel is the perfect choice for families and for Lego fans of all ages. If you want a magical experience while you are staying in Billund, and if you don’t want the adventure to end when you leave the theme park, this is the hotel to choose!

Reserve your room at Legoland Castle Hotel here!

Side note: An alternative to the Castle Hotel is the regular Legoland Hotel. It is still a fun and well-located hotel, and it is a bit cheaper, but not quite as fancy. The normal Legoland Hotel is a great choice if the Castle Hotel is fully booked. Make a reservation here.

Hotel near Billund Airport

Zleep Hotel Billund Airport – Book here

Zleep Hotel Billund Airport

Billund Airport serves as the entry gate to central and southern Denmark. It is the second-largest airport in the country, so a lot of people pass through it. Many tourists go through Billund Airport when they visit cities such as Aarhus, Esbjerg and Ribe. For practical reasons, you might have to stay at a hotel near Billund Airport on your first or last day, depending on the time of your flight.

If you need to be near the airport for whatever reason, the best option is the Zleep Hotel. It is designed specifically for flyers coming in and out, as it is located right next to the airport. It even has an airport-like theme with an automatic check-in counter for guests! Of course, there is still a reception which is open at all hours.

The rooms are modern and comfortable. Most of them are not too spacious, but they have all the necessities like a comfortable bed, a desk, a private bathroom, and free internet. The walls are soundproof so you never have to worry about noise – it is always possible to get a great night of sleep before or after your flight.

If you book your room in advance, expect to pay a bit over 750 DKK / €100 for a night at the hotel.

Book your stay with Zleep Hotel Billund Airport here!

Hotel in Billund town centre

Refborg Hotel – Book here

Some travelers decide to stay in the town centre of Billund rather than near Legoland or the airport. This is a great idea if you want to explore the town of Billund. It is small, but there are a few attractions, and staying in the town centre is still close enough to Legoland and the airport to make the stay worthwhile.

Refborg Hotel is the best hotel in central Billund. It is a typical Danish hotel with relatively spacious rooms and cozy but simple decorations. The hotel used to be very traditional – which is still obvious when looking at the facade – but the interior was completely renovated in 2015, giving the entire place a more modern vibe once you step inside.

The service is great at the Refborg Hotel. The hotel also has a great restaurant and a gourmet shop where you can buy wine, snacks, art pieces, souvenirs and other cool items. It is a great hotel for couples, and prices begin around 1000 DKK / €140 per night.

Book a room at the Refborg Hotel here!

Best place to stay in Billund

To answer the primary question of where to stay in Billund, we would say that it depends on the reason for your visit.

Going to Billund to visit the Legoland Resort? Then stay at the Legoland Castle Hotel or the regular Legoland Hotel.

Coming to the town for business or for onwards travel to other places in Denmark? Then stay for a night at the Zleep Airport Hotel which is very practical.

Want to experience the centre of Billund and the day-to-day life in a small Danish town? Then go for the Refborg Hotel for a cozy and authentic stay.

With this clarification, you should be able to find the ideal hotel for you rather easily. Have a great stay, and don’t miss our travel guides to other cities and towns in Denmark!

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