Airports in Denmark: Full Overview

Airports in Denmark

Due to the small size of the country, Denmark only has a handful of international airports. The good news is that they are solidly spread across the country, so no matter which part of Denmark you intend to visit, you can easily fly in. Here’s an overview of the most important airports in Denmark.

Copenhagen Airport

The largest airport in Denmark is Copenhagen Airport, also known as Kastrup Airport, located on the island of Amager, very close to the capital of Copenhagen.

By far this is the airport that has the most routes – and the one that serves the highest number of passengers.

Copenhagen Airport gives direct access to most main cities in Europe, and several cities outside of Europe as well. There are both low-cost, mid-range and high-class expensive airlines operating from Copenhagen. You can fly directly to a lot of exciting locations, and if you can fly to almost any part of the world if you don’t mind a layover or two.

The airport itself is modern, nice, clean and easy to navigate. Eating and shopping inside the airport can be a bit expensive, though.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen or one of the nearby cities, this is the airport you should land in. However, an alternative is the airport of Malmö in Sweden – the two cities are located very close to each other and connected with a bridge, so if you find a cheaper ticket to Malmö than to Copenhagen, it could be worth taking.

If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport, you can take the metro to the city centre. The airport also has its own train station with trains headed to all parts of Denmark.

Billund Airport

The largest airport in Jutland and the second-largest in all of Denmark.

Billund Airport serves the western and the southern part of Denmark. It has quite a lot of connections – especially to other European cities. Airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, SAS, RyanAir and Norwegian are present in Billund, so it is easy to get in and out.

While Billund isn’t a large city, it is a highly popular tourist destination. Billund is home to the famous Legoland – and due to the location of the city, you can easily and quickly get to other popular Danish destinations, such as Aarhus, Odense, Vejle, Kolding, Ribe or Esbjerg. All very close to Billund. So it definitely makes sense to fly there if you want to experience another part of Denmark than the capital area. If you are planning a trip to Denmark and coming in via Billund Airport, we recommend you to rent a car there and use it for exploring the central and southern regions of the country.

Aalborg Airport

Aalborg Airport is the third-largest airport in Denmark and it serves approximately 1.5 million passengers per year, with increasing numbers every year. The airport is known by the municipalities in Northern Denmark, and it is the main gateway to this part of the country.

The north of Denmark is full of cozy beach towns that are popular among tourists. The easiest way to get in is through the airport in Aalborg. Furthermore, you can spend a couple of days in the charming university city Aalborg – one of the most important cities in Denmark where there are many cultural attractions. The airport is located close to the city, and there are several bus connections leading to other places in Northern Denmark that go directly to the front door of the airport.

It’s a modern airport with great facilities, including free parking and free Wi-Fi, and going through security in Aalborg usually takes less than five minutes due to great service and no huge crowds.

The route between Aalborg and Copenhagen is the most trafficked domestic route in Denmark. There are many departures from Aalborg to Copenhagen every single day.

Aarhus Airport

Despite the fact that Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, it does not have a large airport – at least not compared to the three major airports in Denmark.

But it is possible to reach Aarhus from several destinations around the world. There are frequent routes between Aarhus and cities such as London, Manchester, Stockholm, Oslo and Gdansk.

Approximately a half-million passengers use the airport every year. Aarhus Airport is located a bit far away from the city of Aarhus – around 35 kilometers northwest. There is a direct bus (925X) that departs from the central station in Aarhus to the airport. It aims to cover every single departure of the day.

Due to the fact that Aarhus Airport is located a bit far from the city itself, and due to the fact that Billund Airport has way more connections, most tourists visiting Aarhus come in via Billund, or even via Copenhagen which is often cheaper but includes a long train ride.

Sønderborg Airport

Sønderborg Airport is not large by any means, but it serves the south of the country, and it is worth mentioning.

The plan for the future is to make it a multi-national airport that serves not only the city of Sønderborg and the south of Denmark but also the German city Flensburg. Sønderborg Airport is located just 30 kilometers away from Flensburg.

There’s a route between Sønderborg and Copenhagen, departing over ten times per day. It is mostly used by business travelers. This is the only steady all-year route, but you will find seasonal routes to Bornholm, along with charter routes to Alghero, Naples and Pisa in Italy. KLM has considered creating a route between Sønderborg and Amsterdam.

It’s a small airport, so you don’t have to show up too early when flying from Sønderborg.

Bornholm Airport

Bornholm is an island located a bit far away from mainland Denmark. There are two ways to get there: By sailing and by flying. While it is popular to take the ferry to Bornholm, it is getting increasingly popular to fly.

The airport is located five kilometers away from the main city on the island, Rønne. It is the only airport in Denmark that is owned and operated by the state.

There’s only one terminal and connections are limited. There are daily routes to Copenhagen, Aalborg and Billund, along with seasonal routes to Sønderborg. In the summer, you can fly to Oslo in Norway. Previously there have been a few international connections, most famously a Lufthansa route to Hamburg. In practice, Bornholm Airport is now mostly a domestic airport, but it is not out of the question that more international connections could appear in the future.

Midtjylland Airport

An airport in central Denmark with seven daily routes and around 200,000 yearly passengers. Formerly known as Karup Airport, it recently adopted the name Midtjylland Airport, since it covers the region of central Jutland.

However, Midtjylland Airport is much more important as a military airport than as a civil airport. They are somewhat separated, in the sense that you don’t go through the military area as a private person, but the outbound civil flights do use the military airfield for taking off.


Denmark has multiple international airports. The main ones are Copenhagen, Billund, Aalborg and Aarhus. If you are visiting the capital region, Copenhagen Airport is obviously the best airport to fly to. If you are visiting central or southern Denmark, Billund would be the choice, and if you intend to visit northern Denmark, you should fly to Aalborg.

The good thing about all the airports in Denmark is that they are very easy to navigate, there’s very good service, and everything usually goes as planned.

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