Restaurants in Aalborg: Where to Eat

Restaurants in Aalborg
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If you want to eat out in Aalborg, you are faced with plenty of good options. There are many high-class restaurants, but there are also several affordable restaurants, along with street food and nice cafés. Here is a guide to the best restaurants in Aalborg – and a look at some alternative dining options.

Denmark’s main cities have a lot to offer if you are a foodie. While Aalborg doesn’t have quite as many options as cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus, there is still an impressive selection of restaurants in Aalborg that will rank above many other European cities.

Top 3 Restaurants

We’ll start off by recommending our three favorite restaurants in Aalborg.

Restaurant Rusk

With a central location in Aalborg, very close to Vor Frue Kirke, Restaurant Rusk should be one of your first choices when eating out in Aalborg.

This restaurant offers high class food in a beautiful environment. Rusk mostly focuses on French cuisine with a Nordic touch, as many dishes are originally French, but made with local Danish produce. However, Rusk also offers a couple of traditional dishes from Northern Denmark.

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Prices are mid-range. The normal price for three-course meal will be around 400 DKK (~55 EUR / 60 USD). Depending on your needs, you can add more plates or add a side dish. Usually, wine is served with the food. There is a huge selection, mostly of French and Italian wines.

We recommend you to reserve a table in advance. You can do it online through their website.

Overall you can expect a great experience at the restaurant. There is a lunch menu and a dinner menu, and they are slightly different. Depending on the season, various dishes may or may not be available. The only thing that is certain: You will always get a first-class dining experience at Restaurant Rusk!

Address: Brandstrupsgade 11, 9000 Aalborg

Mortens Kro

A classic Danish restaurant that has been popular for over twenty years.

While the design is a bit unusual – Mortens Kro can look a bit like a nightclub – both the service and the food quality is top-notch.

The restaurant serves French and Danish food, just like Restaurant Rusk, but with a slightly different menu. Most of the main dishes are typical for the Northern Denmark region, while most desserts are very French. As for drinks, you can choose between several fine wines or even a nice bottle of champagne.

Mortens Kro is particularly famous for its smørrebrød, a signature Danish dish. You won’t find any better smørrebrød in Aalborg, and it is even among the national elite. It’s a perfect choice for lunch: On the contrary, when you go to Mortens Kro for dinner, you should get yourself a nice three-course meal.

The prices are slightly higher than at Restaurant Rusk, but the amounts are plentiful, and you still get a lot of value for your money.

Visit the website of Mortens Kro to make a reservation. They also offer take away if you need food and drinks served at a party or get-together.

Address: Mølleå 2-6, 9000 Aalborg

Restaurant Tabu

Tabu is run by chef Michael ‘Miv’ Pedersen, and it follows the style of the high-class Copenhagen restaurants – although with a focus on local produce from the north of Denmark.

It is one of the most elegant restaurants in Aalborg, and the menu can easily be considered the best in the region.

To add to the charm, the chefs will usually come to the table and serve your food themselves.

Restaurant Tabu is particularly appealing if you are into seafood, but there are many plates to choose from. Visit their official website to reserve a table in advance, to see the prices, and to learn more about what they have to offer!

Address: Vesterå 5, 9000 Aalborg

Buffet in Aalborg

If you are feeling very hungry, and you would like to try several different things, a buffet is an obvious choice. While there are a couple of good buffets in Aalborg, we will stick to recommending one:

Restaurant Flammen

This restaurant offers very delicious food. At any time, there will always be at least 12 hot dishes and over 50 salad options. You can sample more than 15 different meats that they have on the grill.

It’s relatively cheap to eat at Restaurant Flammen: Expect to pay between 199 and 220 DKK depending on the day. That is equivalent to approximately 30 EUR / 35 USD. If you’re bringing children, they will eat at a discount. For kids younger than 4 years old, it’s completely free to eat at the buffet.

However: Note that you have to pay separately for drinks and dessert. The overall price for one adult will usually end up around 300 DKK (40 EUR).

Visit the website of Restaurant Flammen here.

Address: Østerågade 27, 9000 Aalborg

Street food in Aalborg

Aalborg also has a great street food market that you should try if you have the time for it. And of course – if you have the stomach for it!

Visit The Lighthouse which is home to the street food market. Here, you’ll find food from 16 different cuisines. The dishes origin from all parts of the world, so it is absolutely the place to go if you’re looking for something special, or if you simply want to try a bit of everything.

Aside from the food markets, there are bars where you can get cold or hot drinks, depending on your mood and on the weather.

In general, it is quite affordable to eat at The Lighthouse. Some dishes start with a price tag of just 50 DKK (7 EUR). So even among large families and students, this is a popular place to go. Everybody in Aalborg loves this street food market, so it is highly recommended that you go to try it out! There’s space enough for around 600 people to sit down and eat. During the summer, it can easily get full, but more often than not, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place to sit down and enjoy the food.

Read more about The Lighthouse here.

Address: Skudehavnsvej 35, 9000 Aalborg

Best cafés in Aalborg

Aalborg has a huge amount of cafés. You will several cafés on most central, commercial streets. Some specialize in simple cups of coffee, while others have a wider menu available, where you can get food as well as beverages.

Inside the malls of Aalborg – read about them here – there are a lot of cafés as well. Be sure to visit Friis and go to the second floor, where there are a couple of good ones. Aalborg Storcenter has several cafés as well. On the top floor of the department store Salling, you will find a bistro which can also work for the purpose.

If you are looking for a first-class café experience in Aalborg, then visit one of these places:

  • Okaeri Cafe (Japanese inspired)
  • Cafe Lindholm (Not in the center, but close to the popular attraction Lindholm Høje: English inspired)

Both are really good.

But the best thing to do is probably to walk around the city and see what you find. There are so many nice cafés that it makes very little sense to go into detail here – it’s better for you to stumble across them yourself since that adds a lot of charm to the trip!

Fast food and snacks

Like anywhere else, you can eat out in Aalborg and get fast food as well. Many of the well known international chains have established themselves in the city:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Sunset

You probably know them all. Subway is usually the best choice.

There are also many pizzerias in Aalborg. If you’re in the mood for a pizza, visit one of the following:

  • Azzurra Nordkraft
  • San Giovanni
  • Da Marino
  • Ristorante Fellini (a bit more high-class than the others)

As for snacks, many supermarkets have bakery sections, but there are also chains like Joe and the Juice where you can get a juice, a coffee or a quick sandwich.

How much does it cost to eat out in Aalborg?

Eating out in Aalborg isn’t really that expensive. At least not compared to other European cities.

You can usually get three-course meals for 300-400 DKK which is a very good price. In Copenhagen, you would have to pay a lot more for the same amount and for the same quality.

So you get a lot for the money, and that is perhaps one of the reasons why Aalborg is becoming a popular destination among foodies. Its restaurants and its new street food market have a lot to offer.


Aalborg is a great city when it comes to eating out. We hope that this article has served you some good inspiration. If you’re in doubt, simply take a walk in the center of the city. And if you intend to get some drinks after the meal, walk around Jomfru Ane Gade and see what you find.

If you’re looking for even more places to eat, you can try to visit some of the nearby holiday towns such as Løkken and Blokhus – they are also full of nice restaurants. Enjoy your trip – and enjoy your meals!

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