Shopping in Copenhagen – Where Are the Best Shopping Streets & Department Stores?

Shopping in Copenhagen

Shopping in Copenhagen is a popular activity. Especially for travelers who want to see what the city has to offer. There are many great options and in this article, we take a look at the best districts, shopping streets, malls and shops. Welcome to the ultimate Copenhagen shopping guide!

Strøget: The most famous shopping street

Strøget - Copenhagen's main shopping area in Indre By

Strøget is the name of the most popular shopping street in Copenhagen. It is the longest and oldest pedestrian street in the world, and it has plenty of shops, cafés and restaurants to offer.

When you walk on Strøget, you will find all types of stores. That includes local Danish stores, but also big and famous brands – from Denmark and other countries alike. Prices can vary a lot. On one hand, you will find shops like H&M that are quite affordable, but on the other hand, you can also shop at Chanel or Louis Vuitton, plus other expensive fashion stores.

Fashion is not the only thing Strøget has. You will find shops with various items as well, ranging from electronics to bookstores. Walk up and down Strøget a few times and check out the stores you like the most!

There is a website with a list of all the shops on Strøget. You can search for particular brands or products, and the website will show you the stores that sell the items you’re looking for. It’s a great source of information if you are planning your shopping in advance.

Strøget is also home to a few popular department stores. Namely Illum (located right on Strøget) and Magasin du Nord (just one street away). But more about them later!

Other shopping areas in Copenhagen


Købmagergade is another cool shopping street. There are clothing stores on Købmagergade with affordable prices. Including some vintage stores. It’s a good place to shop if you are looking to improve your wardrobe, or if you want a central alternative to Strøget.

Check the area around Kongens Nytorv. You will find a lot of interesting stores here as well. This area primarily has Danish brands, such as Bang & Olufsen’s flagship store. The majority of the shops are high-class design stores.

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Bredgade, close to Amalienborg Castle, is another popular place to go. This street is famous for its many art shops. You can also buy nice antiques and furniture around here.

Best department stores in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has quite a few department stores. None of them are enormous in size, but they are very pleasant and most visitors enjoy them.

You will find the two most famous department stores right in the city centre: Magasin du Nord and Illum.

Magasin du Nord has a bit of everything, while Illum is focused on high-end fashion and perfumes. Both are pricy, but they are amazing to visit, and they have some unique items that you should check out. Magasin du Nord is almost 150 years old and is an essential department store to visit – it can be considered an attraction in itself!

Magasin du Nord

But those are department stores – so let’s look at some actual malls/shopping centres with a selection of different stores.

Malls in Copenhagen

Fisketorvet is one of the most popular malls in Copenhagen. It is located by the harbor, a little bit outside of the centre. It has a lot of great restaurants in addition to a decent amount of shops. You will also find a cinema and some basic entertainment options inside Fisketorvet. Visit the mall’s website here.

Frederiksberg Centret is also worth visiting. It is a very typical mall and it’s quite central – located in the very popular Frederiksberg district. This shopping mall is very modern and has clothing stores, boutique stores, brand stores, restaurants, cafés and more. Find more information on the official site.

Field’s is located south of the city, near the Copenhagen Airport. It is a fully indoor shopping centre with over 150 shops. Field’s is highly modern and popular among locals. It’s the largest mall in Denmark. Check opening hours and see the list of stores here!

If you don’t mind going to the suburbs, you can visit more malls such as Rødovre Centrum and Waves. However, our top recommendations are the three options described above.

Prices in Copenhagen

Shopping in Copenhagen can be pricey. As you have probably learned, Denmark is an expensive country to visit. Stores and malls are no exception.

It will be a good idea to set some shopping money aside for your trip. Clothing can sometimes be found for decent prices, just slightly more expensive than in other European capitals. But everything else is usually priced way above the EU average. That includes souvenirs, plus items such as electronics. But also restaurants and cafés – both are typically very expensive in Copenhagen (although also high quality)!

The currency that you need to use is ‘DKK’ – ‘danske kroner’. However, many stores also accept Euros.

You will be able to shop with your credit card everywhere. Credit card usage is very widespread in Denmark. Most locals exclusively use credit cards as they go shopping. Shops always prefer that people use their credit or debit card – it’s just easier.

So you can easily shop just by carrying your card with you. If you prefer using cash, you can do that too – it’s best to exchange before your trip at a trusted currency exchange or at your own bank.

But you will be able to use ATMs in Copenhagen as well – just be aware of fees. A Revolut account can help you minimize your fees as it basically allows you to cash out in most ATMs without incurring any fees.

Best time for shopping

Most stores open at 10 in the morning and close at various times in the evening. The major stores on Strøget will usually be open until 9 or 10 pm, although some stores close as early as 6 pm.

That’s how it is on weekdays – on Saturdays they typically close a bit earlier, often around 2-3 pm. And on Sundays, many stores will be completely closed.

Malls are an exception, they are usually open for a long time, and they are usually open on Sundays as well. So that’s another good reason to go to one of the malls if you fancy some shopping in Copenhagen!

On holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, the Easter holidays, and various public holidays during the spring, you can expect most shops in Copenhagen to be closed.

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Most Danish people shop in the afternoon on weekdays and around noon on Saturdays. If you want to avoid the rush, we recommend that you shop early during the weekdays. Around midday is usually a good time to go out and hit the shops. Basically, you want to do it before people get off of work.

However, Copenhagen is not as overcrowded as other capital cities – so you can have a great shopping adventure at any time of the day!


We highly recommend shopping in Copenhagen. It’s fun to do, especially if you have already visited the popular attractions of the city. It’s also a good opportunity to bring some Danish clothes or souvenirs back home.

If you have any questions regarding shopping in the city, please write in the comment section. The section is also open if you have suggestions you want to share with other readers. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed our Copenhagen shopping guide! Go crazy out there!

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