Shopping in Aarhus – Best Stores, Streets & Malls

Shopping in Aarhus

Aarhus is an excellent place to go shopping. In the center of the city, you will find several malls and department stores, along with a few streets that are fully dedicated to shopping. To get more information on where you can buy interesting things, check out this guide to shopping in Aarhus!

Best shopping centers in Aarhus

Aarhus has several department stores and shopping centers. Visiting one of them is the best choice if you want to look for potential purchases. The local weather isn’t always great in Aarhus, so it’s nice to be able to shop indoors.

Here is an overview of all the department stores and shopping centers in and near Aarhus:

  • Bruuns Galleri
  • Magasin
  • Salling
  • Storcenter Nord
  • City Vest
  • Viby Centret

Bruuns Galleri is the biggest shopping center in Aarhus. It gets over 10 million visitors per year, and it offers over 100 different shops. Bruuns Galleri is designed to be a part of the central train station, so you simply enter the train station, walk past the entries to the train platforms, and you will be right inside the mall. There are two large floors, and aside from a large number of stores, there is also a supermarket, a couple of cafés and bakeries, a few restaurants, and a large cinema. Bruuns Galleri is open every day of the week.

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Magasin is more of a department store than a mall since it is essentially one large store with some cafés and juice companies here and there. However, it feels just like a mall since it is very large – and they sell everything, from clothes to toys, from electronics to souvenirs. Since Magasin has a very central location in Aarhus, it should be near the top of your list of places to go shopping. Open from 10.00 to 20.00 every day of the week, except for Sunday when it closes two hours earlier.

Salling is very reminiscent of Magasin: Also central, also a department store, but larger and with all sorts of items. Perhaps you have already visited Salling in another city – for example, there is another large one in Aalborg – and if not, then we highly recommend it. They have some cheap items, and they have some expensive items. They sell small brands as well as famous international brands. Therefore, you’ll find a bit of everything, and it’s a great place to shop for both women and men.

Storcenter Nord is a very popular mall in the northwestern part of the city. It has over 60 stores, a huge supermarket, several places to eat, a post office, a pharmacy, and over 1,000 parking spots. The parking is free, but most spots are usually occupied. It’s a very modern and impressive shopping center, so you can definitely do some great shopping there. The majority of the stores are related to clothing, but you’ll find a bit of everything. If you don’t have a car, take bus 2A — it’s very easy to get there!

City Vest is not located in the central part of Aarhus, but rather in the town of Brabrand, just a bit west of the city. However, it attracts many shoppers from Aarhus, and it is among the best malls in the area. There are many specialized stores, but there are also two supermarkets, a gym, a pharmacy, a post office and much more. You can easily spend some hours here, and you can reach City Vest in just a few minutes by bus, assuming you’re staying in the center of Aarhus.

Viby Centret is another mall slightly outside of central Aarhus. This time, you need to head southwest – several buses are going there, but you can also ride a bicycle if the weather is nice. It really isn’t that far from Aarhus. Viby Centret currently has 26 independent stores, and like City Vest, it is also equipped with a large supermarket, a post office, a pharmacy and some small entertainment facilities.

These five malls/department stores are the main ones in Aarhus. They are all highly worth visiting, but if you’re staying in the center, Bruuns Galleri, Magasin and Salling are the top priorities.

Popular shopping streets

Aside from the shopping centers and department stores, there are also great outdoor shopping opportunities in Aarhus. Particularly in the central part of the city, where some streets are almost entirely dedicated to shoppers!

Strøget is the main place to go to. The name “Strøget” is also used for the most prolific shopping street in Copenhagen, so the name is usually connected to the capital. But Aarhus also has a street named Strøget, and it is much frequented as well. This kilometer-long street goes from the train station to the cathedral and has over 130 different stores along the way. This is also where you’ll find the department store Salling that we mentioned earlier. It’s a beautiful street with frequent decorations – Christmas is the best time to visit. However, there are solid discounts in the many Strøget stores during the summer months, so going in the summer is also ideal.

Vestergade is another cool street to visit – while Strøget is full of commercial chain stores, Vestergade has more local, boutique shops. You will find some more unique products here, and it’s a great place to go.

Volden is a smaller street where they also have a lot of boutique shops, often with local or specialized items for sale.

The entire Latin Quarter is also interesting for shopping. It has some commercial stores, but also a wide variety of smaller, locally-owned stores – record shops, for example, and second-hand clothing shops. With a good mix of venues, and with very charming surroundings, it is an excellent area to visit. Aside from shopping, you will also find some nice attractions there, along with a fair share of popular restaurants. The whole quarter is very charming. In Danish the name of the quarter is “Latinerkvarteret”. Locals love it, and tourists underestimate it, despite the ultra-central location!

And of course, if you walk around the city and explore some of the minor streets for yourself, you will quickly find even more options. Aarhus is a great city for shopping, so there are opportunities all over the city center.

Best stores in Aarhus

Aarhus obviously has all the normal Danish commercial chains. No surprise there. Good examples are Elgiganten, Matas, Flying Tiger and Arnold Busck. These are stores that are famous throughout the country.

Several international chains have also made their way into the city, like H&M, InterSport, GameStop and Foot Locker. These are a few examples, but you will see many international stores when you walk around the city, that’s for sure.

For a more local experience, you should visit some of these unique shops:

  • Badstuerock: A vinyl record store that has been open since 1973. It is the place to go if you are into music – especially rock music.
  • Reverb: Another shop selling vinyl records and some merchandising. Newer, but very charming as well.
  • Prag: A vintage store originally from Copenhagen, but they also have a shop in Aarhus. They sell clothes, accessories, shoes and similar items. Most of it is used, but high quality.
  • Bülow Duus: Located in The Latin Quarter, Bülow Duus is a glassblower shop, where you can see the glass being made, and purchase some nice pieces of glass-related items and art.
  • Støy Munkholm: A large clothing store with some unique brands. They have quality clothing for both men and women, highly worth visiting.

Look up any of these shops in Google Maps and see if they interest you. They are favorites among local shoppers in Aarhus!

Where to eat

If you want to take a break at some point, or if you simply want to end your day of shopping with a nice meal at a tasty restaurant, then you have several options. Get a full overview by reading our article on where to eat in Aarhus. Several restaurants and cafés are recommended in that article!

Price level in Aarhus

Are the prices better than in Copenhagen?

Generally not. Most items will be priced exactly the same. At least when it comes to clothing, electronics, souvenirs and such. These items won’t be any cheaper than in Copenhagen. However, depending on the venue, it can often be more affordable to eat out in restaurants, so at least that’s something! You’re also more likely to find free parking in Aarhus than you are in CPH.

Overall, Aarhus is not exactly a cheap place to go shopping. But you will find a wide variety of nice things, and it can be quite entertaining to browse through local items. If you have a day to spare on your vacation, it makes sense to dedicate it to shopping. It can be very fun, and this is also a great way to see how locals live in their day-to-day lives. Plus you may find some cool presents to bring home from the trip!

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