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Løkken beach houses

A popular holiday destination in northwest Denmark, the town Løkken offers a variety of options when you’re looking for accommodation. To make the choice easy, we have created this guide on where to stay in Løkken.

We’ll look into the most popular hotels in this resort town, plus various holiday apartments and beach houses. That way you can find the perfect place to stay!

Best hotels in Løkken

Løkken is one of the Danish towns with the highest number of hotels. Despite being a small town with just a bit less than 2,000 inhabitants, Løkken has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years. It truly is a holiday beach town, and it thrives thanks to tourism.

Hotel Løkken Strand is arguably the best hotel in town. It is located near the beach and it gets really good reviews from previous visitors – as evidenced by an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 on Booking.com. The hotel is not huge by any means; there aren’t too many rooms. However, the quality is super high, and each room is very spacious. In fact, the rooms are very apartment-ish even though it really is a hotel. Expect to pay around 750 DKK (100 EUR) or more per night. Prices can get higher in July due to demand, so we advise booking early!

While we recommend Hotel Løkken Strand the most, there is another hotel that is equally popular among visitors:

Løkken Badehotel is the most central hotel in Løkken, with close access to restaurants and shops. It is located directly in the town centre. Walking to the beach takes around five minutes. It is physically one of the largest hotels in Løkken, and it is insanely popular during the holiday season. Once again, the rooms are quite large and more reminiscent of small apartments rather than typical hotel rooms. Therefore, you’ll always have plenty of space and comfort when staying at Løkken Badehotel. The average price for a room/apartment per night is around 950 DKK (130 EUR) for most of the year.

If both of these hotels are fully booked, which may be the case in the high season, you can also consider Hotel Klitbakken (central, close to many restaurants, and very affordable) or Hotel Litorina (small, but one of the highest-rated hotels in Løkken). These are excellent options as well.

Beach houses in Løkken

Not only does Løkken have some nice hotels – it also has plenty of beach houses (sommerhus in Danish). If you choose to stay in a beach house, you will obviously be closer to the beach but farther from the shops, restaurants and central entertainment facilities in the town. However, you’ll have more space, more tranquility, and it’s ideal for families who want to be near the beach.

If you wish to rent a beach house in Løkken, it’s best to get in touch with one of the local companies that rent out these houses.

Try contacting one of these companies and see what they have available:

Sometimes you don’t even need to contact them in advance – many tourists simply go to one of their offices upon arrival, pick an available house, pay for it, get the keys, and they move in. However, there is always a risk that everything is booked, but that is a somewhat rare scenario since there are so many beach houses.

In any case, try contacting them in advance and make a booking if you’re interested in a beach house for a week or two.

Holiday apartments

Løkken has quite a few holiday apartments too. As stated at the beginning of the article, many of the hotels in Løkken actually offer apartments and not traditional hotel rooms. So in most cases, you will be staying in a holiday apartment when visiting Løkken.

But there are some non-hotel companies that specialize in holiday apartments as well.

First and foremost, we recommend booking with Luksus Studio Løkken. They will supply you with a nice studio apartment close to the beach, just a bit west of the center. Quality is top-notch: Beautiful interior, you get a balcony, and you get a view out over the rest of Løkken. Highly recommended!

Villa Vendel is another solid choice, very central and with a local feeling. Here, you will get an authentic room and you can spend your days in Løkken living just like a local. A very good experience and with nice service. If you take a look online, the Villa Vendel apartments are rated with an average of 9 out of 10!

For a more expensive experience in Løkken, you can also rent with Løkken Bright Apartment. They charge a bit more than the others, but at the same time, you will have more space. You (and your co-travelers) will also get access to some bikes, making it easy to get around. And there’s a restaurant connected to the apartment building. When booking an apartment here, there’s enough room for four people. However, availability can be tricky, and you often need to book well in advance to get the place you want.

You can look on Airbnb for further local options, although the sheer amount of apartments might not be particularly high there. Løkken is a town where companies and institutions usually rent out the apartments – individuals rarely do it on their own.

Camping in Løkken

If you’re not looking for a hotel room, a beach house, or an apartment – but rather bringing your own RV or camping vehicle – you will also have plenty of options.

Løkken is a popular town for camping, with many tourists simply arriving in an RV or camping wagon, and renting a space in one of the camping facilities.

Here are the best camping facilities in (and near) Løkken:

  • Gl. Klitgaard
  • Løkken By Camping
  • Løkken Klit Camping
  • Familie Camping Løkken
  • Vestkyst Camping
  • Grønhøj Strand Camping

Book your spot online, or see what you can find upon arriving.

Areas of Løkken

Area-wise it is quite easy to find the best place to stay:

  • If you expect to spend most of your time by the beach, then rent a beach house near the coast.
  • If you expect to spend time at the beach but also in the shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions of Løkken, then it’s best to stick to the central town area where most of the hotels are located.


You have several accommodation options when you’re visiting Løkken. In most cases, we advise you to stay in a hotel, but if you’re traveling as a family or with a big group of friends, it could also make sense to get a beach house or a camping spot. ´

In any case, enjoy your trip to Løkken! Don’t forget to read about the best sights and attractions in this cozy beach town.

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