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Although Løkken is a small town, it has always been popular among tourists. In the 70s and 80s, it was the party capital of Northern Denmark. Nowadays, Skagen has taken the claim to that title while Løkken has calmed down a bit: It is a relaxing beach town with plenty of nice restaurants – and several interesting things to do.

Most visitors choose to stay in one of the many beach houses, but you can also opt for a hotel. In that case, we recommend Løkken Badehotel or Hotel Klitbakken. Both are central and great for experiencing every bit of the town. But let’s have a look at the best things to do in Løkken!

Go to the beach

Beach in Denmark

Løkken has a long, long coastline. Løkken Beach is considered to be one of the best in Denmark – among both locals and tourists. The sand is super comfortable, and the water is usually clear and fresh.

The beach is famous for its 485 small white beach houses. The first ones were built in 1895, and since then, the number of houses has gradually increased. Almost all the houses are owned by local citizens, and they are usually inherited from family members.

Løkken white beach houses

During the months when it’s not warm enough to go for a swim, you should still take a walk at the beach. It will still be a very enjoyable experience, as long as you don’t go on a windy day!

See the fishermen’s boats

Fishermen's boats

During the months of spring, some areas of the beach will be loaded with old boats. These are fishermen’s boats, still being used. A gorgeous sight and a nice look into the local culture. Before Løkken became a tourist town, it was primarily a fishing town where most of the inhabitants were fishermen. Some still are, and this is particularly evident in spring.

Visit Action House

Action House Løkken

One of the modern attractions in Løkken should definitely not be missed – the Action House! A modern entertainment center with bowling, laser tag, arcades, playgrounds, and much more. Their go-kart track was recently rebuilt, and now it is the largest in Europe. Quite impressive, and not something you would expect in a humble town like Løkken.

During the summer, Action House is also the place where you will find the ‘New York Discotheque’ – one of the best and wildest places to party in Northern Denmark.

Action House also has a restaurant where you can grab some food. It’s popular to arrange parties there, so if you’re traveling as a group, you can book in advance and plan your event. If you’re traveling solo or as a couple, try to stop by for some fun and games!

Address: Industrivej 1, 9480 Løkken

Visit the local church

Løkken church

Løkken Kirke is the local church. An important sight, and arguably one of the most meaningful buildings in town.

This church was built in 1898. Designed by architect Axel Møller, it has a Neo-Gothic style with red bricks. This particular look is common in Northern Europe so it may not be the first time you get acquainted with the red brick style.

The tower of the church is one of the tallest structures in Løkken. Definitely an attraction you can’t miss!

Address: Præstevangen 2, 9480 Løkken

Go a bit north and see Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude Fyr is another important attraction. Although not in Løkken, it is close enough for a visit. Simply head a bit north and you will see this lighthouse – one of the most wonderful sights in the entire region!

The lighthouse was built in 1899 and has been standing ever since. However, it became so surrounded by sand that eventually, you could no longer see the light from the water, so it lost its practical purpose and was closed in 1968. But even though it’s not in use, the lighthouse is still standing, and instead has become a popular tourist attraction.

In the early 20th century, it was 200 meters inland, but now it is just about 60 meters away from the cliff. The local authorities decided to move the lighthouse a bit and thereby enabling it to survive, as it would otherwise sink into the ocean.

Address: Fyrvejen 110, 9480 Løkken

See Løkken Miniby: A miniature version of the old town

A unique and fun attraction in Løkken. And one of the things you should definitely see when you are visiting.

Løkken Miniby is a miniature model of the town. It portrays Løkken the way it was in 1900, one of the most important eras when most of the houses were brand new, and when there was a lot of trading going on in the area.

Vendsyssels Plantage
Vendsyssels Plantage: Løkken Miniby is located inside

Simply go to Vendsyssels Plantage. The entrance is in the eastern part of Søndergade, one of the central streets. Løkken Miniby has a scale of 1:10 and it is very well made. Everything is done by local citizens. You can actually donate money to the project, as it is still being maintained and improved regularly!

World War II bunkers on the coast

If we put our attention back to the beach again – actually not far from Løkken Miniby – we should mention the famous bunkers.

They were constructed during World War II by German soldiers that were stationed in the town.

After the war, the Danish authorities decided not to remove them. And to this day, you can still find important WW2 monuments in Løkken. Most bunkers are found in the sand, while others are actually out in the sea. There is still a full WW2 coastal battery in Løkken, and it’s a super interesting sight.

Visit the historic Børglum Abbey

Not in Løkken itself, but close enough that it should be mentioned: Børglum Abbey (Børglum Kloster in Danish) is considered by many to be the finest attraction in North Jutland. It is a monastery that was presumably built at the beginning of the 11th century and was first mentioned in writing in 1220.

The abbey is huge and has a great history. Today it’s a popular attraction, and it has several exhibitions that you can see all year round. It is now owned by the Rottbøll family. In the yard, there is a memorial of one of the family members that rebelled against the Nazis and was killed during the war. A great act of courage during a difficult time.

Børglum Abbey is just a bit over 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from Løkken, so you can drive there in about 5 minutes or walk there in an hour.

Address: Børglum Klostervej 255, 9760 Vrå

Drink beer in Løkken Bryghus

Løkken Bryghus, the local brewery, is one of the top attractions in Løkken. To this day, they still brew beer according to the old traditions, and most of it is done manually.

The result is clear – Løkken Bryghus produces 11 different types of high-quality beer. We advise that you go to the brewery and see how they actually make the beer. Obviously, you should taste it as well, and bring a couple of bottles home with you! Any beer enthusiast will appreciate a gift from there!

Address: Vrenstedsvej 12, 9480 Løkken

Try the local restaurants

There are some nice restaurants in Løkken – and in its neighboring towns. Some of the best ones are Huset Havs, Løkken Strandgaard, and Søborg.

If you’re planning to eat out while you’re in town, make sure you read our article about the best restaurants in Løkken.

Take a long walk around the streets

The streets of Løkken are calm and nice. Especially in the central pedestrian area where you can go shopping or simply sit down and enjoy an ice cream.

Attend the Løkken Concert

On the second Saturday in July, the yearly Løkken Concert (Løkken Koncert in Danish) is held. It’s an awesome one-day music festival where a lot of famous Danish artists show up.

The concert is popular among young people as well as the senior crowd. It’s an event for everyone. There is plenty of space, and the music can usually be heard all over the city. So if you’re visiting during this time, there’s no way to avoid it!

We consider the festival to be one of the best things to do in Løkken, but due to the fact that it is just one day of the year, most tourists will – unfortunately – miss it. However, if you’re in Løkken in mid-July, you should absolutely go!

Visit the official website and buy your ticket in advance.


Løkken is a great town to visit.

Even though it is small, you still have plenty of things to do there. With sights such as the church and the fishermen’s boats, there are some classic attractions. Then you have modern places of entertainment, such as Action House and Løkken Bryghus. To conclude, you will not get tired of it anytime soon! Perhaps that’s also why the same tourists keep coming back to Løkken year after year. You never get tired of it, and it must be considered one of the best travel destinations in Denmark.

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