Løkken Restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Løkken

Looking for some tips on where to eat in Løkken, Denmark? This little beach town has a lot of great restaurants and one of the pleasures of traveling is to get some nice food along the way. In Løkken, you’ll find everything from high-quality seafood to affordable fastfood. Here are the best restaurants in Løkken.

On top of recommending some restaurants within the town of Løkken, we are including some restaurants in nearby towns.

Huset Havs

Located on Sdr. Strandvej, just outside the commercial area of Løkken and on the way to the beach, Huset Havs is our top pick if you want to eat out in Løkken.

Previously, a legendary local restaurant known as Peter Bådsmand was present in this building, but it went bankrupt, and new owners took over. They have done well to create a comfortable and authentic restaurant that has a distinctly local vibe. Huset Havs captures the vibe of Løkken and it has been described as løkkendarisk – a word play combining Løkken with ‘legendary’. It is more than just a restaurant, it is also a shop and a meeting place.

The menu primarily consists of classic Danish dishes. We can describe it as nonchalant gourmet food. They source their beers from the local brewery, so you are in for a great experience if you come for a drink.

It is not the cheapest place in town, but it is highly recommended, and it is a suitable place for everyone.

Restaurant Løkken Strandgaard

One of the top rated restaurants in the area is Løkken Strandgaard. They have limited opening hours (5 pm to 10 pm) so you likely have to plan your visit. The restaurant is part of a tourist facility where you can also stay for other activities.

The restaurant is very cozy with beautiful decorations. They usually have candles and natural light, along with many flowers. The food is Danish and they specialize in meats, salads, potatoes and bread. Prices are reasonable – not low, but not too high either.


A popular restaurant in the very centre of Løkken.

Restaurant Søborg has a cozy interior and solid service. If you visit in the summer, you can also sit outside – there is a large outdoor seating area.

Søborg is mostly a steakhouse but they also have plenty of seafood dishes. Their shrimps are great. They also serve good beer – big brands as well as local breweries.

If you go there for lunch, you can enjoy the buffet. At night, order à la carte. There is an Italian section of the restaurant where they serve pizza and pasta dishes. It usually takes them a while to prepare the food, so be aware of that, but it is very tasty once you get your dish served. They also have takeout if you want to bring your food with you.

Restaurant Løkken Badehotel

Facing Søborg on the opposite side of the street, you’ll see Restaurant Løkken Badehotel. This is another super central restaurant that is very popular among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant that is associated with Løkken Badehotel, the local hotel, but you can eat there regardless of whether you are staying at the hotel or not. They also have a large outdoor seating area which is great in the summer.

The restaurant is split into two sections. In one part, you can order burgers, sandwiches, and other types of high-end fast foods. In the other section, you can order classic Danish dishes such as smørrebrød, stegt flæsk, various sausages, locally sourced fish served with cheese, and even pastries if you stay for dessert.

Restaurant Løkken Badehotel is absolutely one of the best places to eat in Løkken. The central location also makes it a place that you will want to visit more than once, simply because it is super convenient.


In the mood for pancakes? Then visit Pandekagehuset, the Crêperie restaurant where they serve a wide variety of pancakes; sweet ones as well as salty ones. If you go there for a regular meal, you can order a burrito-like dish or a pancake-sandwich with salmon. If you go there for dessert, you can get a sweet pancake with ice cream or chocolate.

This restaurant is located near the coast so ideally, you can visit it as you come back from the beach. It’s a place that families will love, and the building is quite charming.

Restaurant Hovmesteren

A great old-fashioned restaurant that focuses on traditional Danish cuisine. They have several nice offers: A buffet that only costs 99 DKK, half price for kids under 10, and they are open from 10 in the morning to 9 pm.

It is the place to go if you want some classic Danish food without paying too much. In fact, their prices are very low compared to other Danish restaurants. Restaurant Hovmesteren is situated in a nice building with a spacious terrace. On top of being a restaurant, it is also a brewery, so naturally you can also get a great beer while you are there!

Palme Pizza

Maybe the tiniest pizzeria in Denmark. You can’t actually eat inside Palme Pizza since it is so small. But you can go there, order your pizza, and eat it outside on a bench, or in one of the nearby parks.

Palme Pizza is located on Torvet, right in the centre of Løkken, so you can easily find it. They usually open in the afternoon and close late at night.

The pizzas are great at this place. They use a lot of toppings, they use spices well, and their bread is good. It’s more a Middle Eastern-styled pizza than Italian. Prices are alright – a bit higher in the summer than the rest of the year – so the only downside is that you can’t sit down and eat inside.

Highway 66

An American-inspired restaurant in the town centre. Highway 66 is a small chain in the north of Denmark – you’ll also find this restaurant in Hjørring, Blokhus and Aalborg.

They serve dishes such as burgers and fries, ribs, steaks, sandwiches, etc. The quality of the food is decent, although not amazing, and prices are fair. It is not a place to go for a romantic dinner, but it is a great place to go for a group of friends or a family with kids.

Action House Restaurant

Action House is one of the top attractions in Løkken. It is a large facility with bowling, go-karts, laser-tag, virtual reality, and other forms of entertainment.

It also has a restaurant. If you are spending some hours inside Action House, you might consider eating there as well. They have a buffet (recommended if you eat there for lunch) and some decent meats on the menu (if you go there at night).

Fisherman’s Rest

Now we will move a few kilometers north of Løkken.

Fisherman’s Rest is an awesome pub located right by the coast in Nørre Lyngby. They serve food as well as drinks. The food is very English-inspired – fried fish, chips, ribs, etc. They also serve the Danish dish stjerneskud. The menu is very simple, so it shouldn’t take you long to order. Prices are great, too.

However, most people come to the pub for drinks. They have a wide variety of beers, among them are several British, Irish, Spanish and German brands.

The best thing about Fisherman’s Rest is the vibe. The locals love it, and there is always something going on. Throughout the summer, musicians come to play at Fisherman’s Rest. So if you go there, you might be lucky enough to experience some live music at the venue.

Villa Vest

A gourmet restaurant in beautiful surroundings. This restaurant is situated in Lønstrup, another coast town near Løkken, just a bit north.

It’s an expensive, high-end place to eat, but nothing in the area beats it. We consider it to be the best restaurant in the entire area.

There is such a great view from the restaurant overlooking the sea. The food is amazing. They serve locally sourced meats, fish and shellfish. Villa Vest gets the fish on the fish auction in Hirtshals on the same day as it is being served.

Restaurant Glashuset

Another popular restaurant near Løkken, also in Lønstrup like Villa Vest. This restaurant focuses on classic Danish summer dishes. They have a new dish for lunch every day, depending on what the sea has offered. If you go there for dinner at night, get the 3-course meal and try one of the great wines they have at the restaurant!

As you see, there are plenty of great restaurants in Løkken and in the surrounding towns. We highly recommend you to try a few different restaurants as you are staying in Løkken, in order to try a bit of everything. Have a great trip, and enjoy the food!

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