Where to Stay in Skagen – Best Hotels in Skagen, Denmark

Where to stay in Skagen, Denmark

Skagen is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Denmark. It is surrounded by the sea and gets the most sunshine hours of any place in the country. There are plenty of seafood restaurants in Skagen, some classic attractions, and many events during the summer.

So the only question, if you are planning a visit, is where to stay in Skagen. Location always means a lot, even in a small town like Skagen. Take a look at the best hotels in Skagen below. We will also describe the best areas of Skagen further down.

Brøndums Hotel

Traditional hotel in Skagen – Go to booking here

Brøndums Hotel is one of the classic hotels in the town centre of Skagen. Situated in a 1874 building next to the museum, travelers have been staying at this hotel for centuries. The best thing is that it still has that traditional vibe with old furniture and wooden floors.

Some rooms at the Brøndums Hotel are a bit small. If this is a problem for you, make sure that you book one of the larger rooms available such as the superior room or the family room. Breakfast and other meals can be enjoyed in the romantic garden behind the hotel. For dinner, the on-site restaurant serves high-quality dishes. It specializes in foods from the sea – and the oysters are great. Brøndums also has a nice selection of wine.

It is a comfortable hotel but visitors usually choose it for the experience alone. Brøndums Hotel does not have as many extra facilities as other hotels in Skagen, but it has so much authenticity. The location is also perfect, so if you want to experience a traditional stay right in the town centre, look no further. Prices are also quite reasonable for most of the year. Reserve your room at Brøndums Hotel here.

Skagen Hotel

Modern hotel in Skagen – Go to booking here

This hotel also has a central location in Skagen, right by the train station. It is named after the town itself and is a popular pick among foreigners who visit Skagen.

It is one of the more modern hotels in town. The furniture and decorations are up-to-date with current fashion trends in Scandinavia, and the rooms feel simple but comfortable.

One of the highlights at the Skagen Hotel is the breakfast. Every morning you can start your day off by the buffet table. They have fresh breads, cold cuts, butter, toppings, fruits, eggs, yoghurt and much more. It’s a great hotel for couples and for everyone wishing a modern stay in the middle of town. Prices start around 700 DKK per night. Book your reservation here.

Skagen Harbour Hotel

Popular hotel by the harbour – Go to booking

Want to stay near the water? Then the Skagen Harbour Hotel should be considered. It is a big hotel by the harbour of Skagen, and it is famous for its bright and modern rooms. The style of this hotel can best be described as a modern way of interpreting Skagen and its history. It is a bit more expensive than the previous two hotels we mentioned, however, that also comes with some benefits.

The Skagen Harbour Hotel has the local vibe, but it also manages to be creative and push the boundaries further. On one hand, the rooms have modern Danish furniture, but at the same time, common areas are decorated with pieces from old fishing boats and have a traditional wooden floor!

The rooms are large in size and every room has a private bathroom. Some rooms even have kitchens. If you book one of the suites or family rooms, it feels more like staying in an apartment, but with the service of the staff as a bonus. For this reason, the Skagen Harbour Hotel is a great choice for families or groups of friends – it is a very spacious hotel. Make your booking here.

Ruths Hotel

Luxury hotel in Skagen by the beach – Go to booking

The most luxurious hotel in the vicinity of Skagen is Ruths Hotel. Although located way outside the town centre, this 5-star hotel is immensely popular among tourists. It is situated west of central Skagen in the area Højen. The benefit of this is that you get access to some of the best beaches in the area which includes Skagen Gammel Strand, a very clean beach that is great for bathing.

As for the hotel itself, it is super authentic and has a traditional vibe even though it has furniture of the highest standards. The rooms are spacious, well-decorated, and some rooms have great views. Every room has a wooden floor which adds to the authenticity, and the common areas have that signature Skagen style.

The restaurant at the hotel is superb. On the terrace, you can mainly order French dishes, while the Sømærket restaurant serves classic Danish dishes.

Most visitors go to the beach frequently when they stay at Ruths Hotel. But if you want to stay within the grounds of the hotel, you can enjoy the indoor pool, the spa, the sauna, and the other wellness facilities. This hotel has the best staff of any place in Skagen and you can expect to be treated tremendously well when you stay there. The check-in hours are a bit limited, so you need to plan your arrival well, but aside from that – everything is perfect.

Ruths Hotel is the highest-rated hotel in Skagen so obviously that comes at a price. Expect to pay at least 1800 DKK per night, and often more for the larger rooms. This is about twice as expensive than most other hotels in Skagen, so be aware of that. Ruths Hotel is the best option if you want a luxurious stay but not if you want to save money. Book your room here!

Best areas of Skagen

Skagen is a relatively small town. But it is still important to be in a good area.

The town centre of Skagen is the best place to be if you are into sightseeing, museum visits and dining experiences. It is here that we find the main shopping area, the train station, the majority of the hotels, and many cultural sights such as Drachmanns House, Anchers House, Skagen Museum, and Skagen Church. A nice hotel in this area is the Brøndum Hotel.

Then we have a the harbour and marina district. It is just south of the town centre, the two areas are right next to each other, so staying near the harbour is also a good choice. If you like watching boats, yachts and ships, and if you like the breeze of the sea, it absolutely makes sense. There are a few hotels at the harbour, the best one being the Skagen Harbour Hotel, as well as some good restaurants and opportunities for parking.

The northeastern part of Skagen is a very popular tourist area since it has a long sandy beach that leads to Grenen, the point where the seas flow into each other. There aren’t many hotels in this area, but there are camping grounds, so if you are coming in an RV, a caravan or even in a tent, this is an area where you can stay.

Nordby, the suburb just north and northwest of central Skagen, is not too interesting from the perspective of a tourist. It is more residential. Locals live there, there is some industry, some shops, some sports clubs, and so on. It is nice, but not as interesting as the previous areas we mentioned.

If you continue west, however, you will reach the western coast of Skagen in the suburb Højen. There are some nice beaches here, and this is the place to be if you want to see the sunset. It is a popular tourist area – especially for those who just want to enjoy nature rather than sightseeing. The highest-rated hotel in town is located here. We described it earlier – Ruths Hotel.

So you have several good options if you are visiting Skagen. There are cultural areas, and areas that are rich in nature.

We hope this article has given you a nice overview of where to stay in Skagen. We highly recommend booking a hotel a few weeks in advance since Skagen is a popular tourist town. Don’t miss our article about the best things to do in Skagen.

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