Bulbjerg – One of Denmark’s Best Natural Sights

Bulbjerg, Denmark

The name won’t sound familiar unless you have already traveled extensively in Scandinavia. But Bulbjerg is considered to be one of the best natural sights in Denmark. It is the only rock formation in the peninsula of Jutland and it lies next to a beach which allows you to have a calm and fun day while enjoying the tremendous sight.

History and facts

Bulbjerg is a limestone cliff located by the beach, facing the sea of Skagerrak. It’s the only bird cliff in mainland Denmark, and it’s a very unique sight compared to every other place in the country. Birds are a common sight at Bulbjerg, so if you enjoy bird watching, it’s an amazing place to spend a day.

For hundreds of years, Bulbjerg has been considered a unique location. It is believed that it used to be an island when the seas were higher in the past. When standing on top of the cliff, the view reaches very far, and in clear weather, you can see the town of Hanstholm.

In the 19th century, many parties and events were held at Bulbjerg. A hotel was built in the early 20th century, but it was blown up during World War II. The invading Germans used it as a lookout spot.

Today, if you want to stay near Bulbjerg, you can book a spot at the local campsite or book a night at Bulbjerghus.

The main reason to visit Bulbjerg is simply that it is a fantastic sight. The cliff in itself looks beautiful from the beach, but when climbing it, you can really enjoy a nice view out over the sea.

How to get to Bulbjerg

The only practical way of getting to Bulbjerg is to drive by car. If you’re traveling through Denmark in your own car, it will be quite easy. Just put the location on your phone map and get the directions. Bulbjerg is located in the northwestern part of Denmark, which is fairly isolated from most of the bigger cities.

Car rental is an option if you are not bringing your own car but still want to experience rural places such as Bulbjerg.

During the summer, it is possible to take a bus out to Bulbjerg. It is a common spot for tourists, although only for day trips.

Other sights nearby

Aalborg is the nearest major city, and it has several nice cultural attractions. Read about them here.

Since Bulbjerg is located on the west coast of Denmark, you may want to experience other towns on this coast. Many of these towns have tremendous beaches and great restaurants. If you head north, you can visit Blokhus, Løkken or Skallerup, all great destinations if you like nature and the small-town atmosphere.

If you head west, you can follow the coastline to Hanstholm, another great destination. It’s a port, and as a town, it doesn’t have many people living there permanently, but it is famous for its bunker museum. We highly recommend visiting it, and there is only a 30-minute drive between Hanstholm and Bulbjerg. Continue a bit further and you will reach Klitmøller, the hotspot for surfing in Denmark. It has a great beach and many decent restaurants. The National Park of Thy is also located in this area, so a drive to the southwest definitely makes sense!

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