Best Neighborhoods in Aarhus to Stay In & Visit

Aarhus streets

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and it is getting an increasing amount of attention from tourists. But what are the best areas and neighborhoods in Aarhus to stay in and visit on a trip? Get the answer here!

Indre By

Indre By is the city center – where you find most of the attractions, as well as the best nightlife. We recommend most tourists to stay in this area, and if you want some specific hotel recommendations, read this article!

Attractions in this area are the AROS Museum, the house of music, the central train station and its huge mall, the city hall, the long pedestrian street Strøget, along with several facilities for general entertainment.

The city center is also the area with the highest amount of hotels, so most visitors choose to stay here. It makes sense because it is close to every other interesting part of the city, and since all public transportation is centered around Indre By. But be prepared that it can be loud in Indre By, both during the daytime and at night.


Just north of Indre By, and sometimes even considered to be a part of it, we find Latinerkvarteret – or the Latin Quarter as it would be called in English.

This is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Aarhus. It is one of the oldest districts in the city, and it got its name because it was once full of schools and churches where Latin was either being taught or used actively.

It still has many of its traditional sights, most importantly the Aarhus Cathedral, Vor Frue Kirke, and several small squares. Many streets are laid with cobblestones, and you really find restaurants and small shops everywhere in the neighborhood. That makes it the favorite district for most people visiting. However, it can be expensive to stay in the hotels and holiday apartments here, so be aware of that!


While the Latin Quarter is just north of the modern city center, Frederiksbjerg is just south of it. This neighborhood is more residential but still very interesting.

You will find some nice restaurants and several green areas – there are multiple parks. Frederiksbjerg is also rich in supermarkets, gyms and schools so it is a great area for living if you intend to stay for a while. Aarhus International School is in Frederiksbjerg, so it is common to meet foreigners.

Frederiksbjerg shouldn’t be the top priority for tourists who are staying for a week and looking for attractions. But it is definitely a great place for everyone looking to stay in a calm but connected area for a longer period of time. The restaurants here are known to be among the best in Denmark, but the prices of these are also high.

University area

When you go directly north from the city center and Latinerkvarteret, you will eventually reach the university area. Aarhus is home to Scandinavia’s largest university, so this area is absolutely full of students every day. Many of the students also live in the vicinity. Aside from the student residencies, it is an expensive area though, and it does not have that many hotels.

Therefore, we don’t recommend staying in this area. But you should definitely stop by when visiting. Aside from having the university, there are some huge parks in and near the neighborhood, most notably the university park. Several museums are also located here.


Directly east of the university, we have the neighborhood of Trøjborg. This is a super interesting place to see. Most of Trøjborg’s space is occupied by the Nordre cemetery. But even so, it still has room for several attractions, such as a couple of churches, an impressive cinema, and full of coffee shops. Trøjborg doesn’t get that many tourists, but it is loved by the students who often stop by in the afternoon. So it is a very lively area, and charming in its own right! The popular Danish supermarket, Løvbjerg, is found in Trøjborg.

Aarhus N

Even further north than the university area and Trøjborg, the suburb of Risskov is found. The northern part of Aarhus is generally the place where the rich and fancy people live. You can typically find very high-class holiday apartments here.

Aarhus N doesn’t have as many tourist attractions as the city center, but it is definitely a great place for living. It has golf facilities, a beach and various venues for entertainment.

Aarhus Ø

Aarhus Ø is a relatively new part of the city. It is full of modern architecture and it is right by the waterfront. Huge apartment buildings are being built here. There is still a lot of industry, but nevertheless an impressive area.

Aarhus V

The western part of Aarhus is the most multicultural area of the city. This is where the majority of immigrants live. While that does bring interesting shops, cafes and restaurants, it is also an area that has some issues with crime. For that reason, we don’t consider it a good place to stay for tourists, but it can be interesting to see the area for a day or so.

Aarhus has many interesting areas and neighborhoods. Our favorites are Indre By and Latinerkvarteret – these two districts make up the modern and historic centers of the city. But you have some alternative options depending on your preferences. And Aarhus is generally full of attractions, so no matter where you go, there will be something to do.

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