Best Hostels in Barcelona: Our 3 Favorites

Best hostels in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona has a significant number of hostels. In order to have a nice trip, you have to find the one that is best for you. Here are some recommendations for hostels in Barcelona, with descriptions of what makes each one unique.

To give you a quick idea of the content, we are looking into 3 different options: A chill hostel, then a hostel that offers a lot of extra things, and finally a party hostel. It’s not a surprise that many travel to Barcelona to party, so we can safely say that all these three places arrange nightlife activities and are good for partying – but one stands above the rest.

Let’s get started. We’d like to say that this article is not for travelers who want the cheapest hostel, but rather for those who want to find the best. Those who are in it for the experience!

Most chill hostel in Barcelona

Yeah Barcelona Hostel – Book here

The most chill hostel in Barcelona, and our overall favorite option, is Yeah Barcelona Hostel. It is located in the neighborhood of Eixample, with the metro station Verdaguer just a minute away on foot.

Some nearby attractions are La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and multiple nice restaurants.

The hostel itself is incredibly comfortable. It’s not cheap, but there are reasons for that. The dorms have either 4 or 6 beds, and the beds are some of the best we have ever seen in a hostel, so it’s a place with more comfort. Lower bunks have curtains, while upper bunks are naturally covered by a large piece of wood. Below the beds, there are lockers for your belongings – there’s room for a decently sized suitcase down there, plus other things. But you do need to bring your own lock. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom.

Many rooms are female only and this hostel receives a lot of female guests. However, female rooms seem pricier overall than mixed rooms, so that’s something to have in mind.

The staff is friendly and talkative. You can easily get suggestions on what to do in Barcelona. There are some free tip-based tours during the day. At night, you can attend the dinner which is usually at 9 pm. You have to pay €12 for the dinner, and it includes a starter, a meal, a dessert and two drinks. Great value overall. Following the dinner, Yeah Barcelona arranges a pub crawl. You have to pay to take part in it, which we didn’t like, and they do cancel it (with refunds) if there aren’t enough people joining. But even in that case, it’s easy to sit around in the common areas and find other people to go out with.

Overall, an incredible hostel with lots of comforts and great areas for socializing. Highly recommended. Prices depend on seasonality: In the offseason, you can typically get a bed for €30 per night. In the high season on a weekend, a bed will start around €55 per night – sometimes more. Booking in advance is key if you want a good price. Check out photos and additional information here!

Best value hostel in Barcelona

Hostel One Ramblas – Book here

Hostel One is always a safe pick. It’s Europe’s best hostel chain, and you never really go wrong with them. They are expensive compared to the rest, but only because they offer so many things: Free tours, free nightlife events, free family dinners. So the initial price seems higher, but you get so many things for the money!

There are several Hostel Ones in Barcelona. We consider the best one to be Hostel One Ramblas, situated near the southern end of La Rambla, although not on the famous street itself. It’s also near the coast and the Maritime Museum.

An alternative option is the Hostel One Paralelo. There’s not a huge difference between the two, although Hostel One Ramblas tends to have larger rooms (with more bunks). The two hostels are located near each other, and you will not go wrong no matter which one you pick. Ramblas is a bit higher rated but therefore more expensive as well. So choose the one that suits you. But overall, these are some of the most social hostels you will ever find. Excellent places to make friends. As for Hostel One Ramblas particularly, there is a rooftop terrace and all beds have curtains, which are things we really like.

You can easily find people to party with, and the hostel arranges tours to bars and clubs on most nights of the week. The hostel is suited for people who love to party, but it’s not exclusively focused on that: You can also stay at Hostel One if you mainly do things during the day and still have a great experience. Some just want to socialize a bit here and there, nothing overwhelming. It’s a hostel for everyone and despite having the option to party, we felt that most visitors are very respectful and that you find different personality types staying there. The hostel is not too loud, unlike other hostels in Barcelona, so you should be able to sleep without any issues whenever you want a quiet night in.

Best party hostel in Barcelona

Kabul Party Hostel – Book here

Finally, we have the famous Kabul Party Hostel. If you are coming to Barcelona specifically to party, and not really for any other reasons, this is the hostel to choose.

We like the facilities they have. A nice bar, huge common areas, fun things such as pool tables, and on-site live music at times.

But the area where Kabul Party Hostel really stands out is in the way they arrange their nighttime activities. They definitely know where the best nightclubs are, and there are often specific benefits for people staying at the hostel. So if you’re planning to party hard in Barcelona, but you’re traveling solo and need some company, or you don’t know what clubs to go to, just book some nights at the Kabul. You will get a great introduction to the nightlife and surely some memorable experiences. They also go to different clubs every night, so if you’re staying for a week or two, there will be something new almost every time you go out.

It should be noted that we only recommend this hostel for heavy party enthusiasts. It’s perfect for that, but if you are not into partying and drinking, it would probably be a bit annoying to stay there. The common areas are loud, there are drunk people coming back to the room late at night and early in the morning, and beds are a bit basic. You can get around the noise by choosing a 4 or 6 bed mixed room, but the rooms with 8+ people are certainly going to be chaotic – even though the hostel does a great job of setting proper rules and cleaning daily.

But if you want to party all night and sleep all day, it’s an amazing place. Prices are reasonable, often starting around €27 per night, but we advise choosing one of the rooms with fewer beds – even if it costs a bit extra. Simply for added comfort and less noise.


Barcelona is probably the European city with the best selection of hostels. There are so many incredible hostels in Barcelona with nice facilities and fun events. These are just three of the options. They happen to be our favorites, and if you decide to stay at one of them, you are unlikely to be disappointed. But you can also check out more options if you’d like. The best place to do that would be at where most hostels are listed and where you often get a discount thanks to the Genius program.

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