Where to Stay in Vigo – Best Hotels & Areas

Where to stay in Vigo

Vigo has several nice hotels and holiday apartments. As the largest city in Galicia, there are also multiple interesting areas, and if you’re visiting Vigo as a tourist, it is preferable to be in one of the central neighborhoods. This article will focus on the very best places to stay in Vigo, Spain.

First, we will recommend three popular hotels in Vigo. After that, we will go through the best areas of Vigo if you want to browse for more accommodations yourself. Let’s get started!

Best hotels in Vigo

To make sure there is a solid option for everyone, we are recommending one central hotel in Vigo, one affordable hotel, and one luxury hotel to those of you who want a little extra. All three are great options and highly rated, so it is simply a matter of preference to select the one that suits you best.

Hotel in Vigo city centre

Hotel Bahia de Vigo – Book here

Find a central hotel in Vigo

One of the most popular hotels in Vigo is the ultra-central Hotel Bahia. It is situated on the northern edge of Casco Vello (the old town) and facing the port and the marina. That gives you an awesome location and you can easily walk to any part of central Vigo from this hotel.

From the outside, it might look like a regular hotel, but once you get inside, you will undoubtedly get impressed. The lobby area is well designed, the staff is very friendly, and from the rooms, you get a great view of either the old town or the water – depending on which room you select.

The rooms are soundproof so you can expect a nice and quiet nice as you charge up your batteries for another day of exploring. You will have plenty of space in your room, and several nice amenities: Beds are comfortable, bathrooms are large and luxurious, toiletries are included, and the internet works as it should.

In the mornings you can enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel. The food is great, and it gets even better if you visit the restaurant for a meal during lunch or dinner. The restaurant of the Bahia Hotel is focusing on traditional Galician dishes, and almost all ingredients are locally sourced! There are unique plates in all four seasons, which makes it a great experience.

To top things off, this 4-star hotel isn’t even that expensive. Prices start around 70€ per night for a regular double room. Suites and studio apartment rentals at the hotel are a bit more expensive, but still within reason. Even during the peak of the travel season, you can probably find accommodation for just a bit over 100€ per night on average.

So if you want the best possible combination of price, location, service, and comfort, this is the hotel to choose. You will be close to everything in central Vigo, and you can fully enjoy your stay.

Reserve your room with Hotel Bahia de Vigo here!

Affordable hotel in Vigo

Hotel Celta – Book here

Cheap hotel in Vigo

It is generally not too expensive to visit Vigo, and several hotels have reasonable prices. But if you are on a strict budget, you might need something particularly affordable, and if you pick Hotel Celta, you can get a great experience for a very low price.

Prices start at just 35€ per night at this hotel and the average price is around 50€. It is a 2-star hotel with smaller-than-average rooms, but it is still quite comfortable, as the furniture is comfortable and the temperature in the room can be regulated to your needs. Things are clean at the hotel, and that is usually the main concern when staying at a cheap place, but at Hotel Celta you don’t have to worry about that. The food is alright in the morning, although nothing special. You can get some healthy food to start the day, but don’t expect any fancy meal.

Location-wise, you will be in the neighborhood of A Divina Pastora within the city centre. It is roughly a 15-minute walk away from Casco Vello and the Marina district, but you will be just a few hundred meters away from the Urzáis train station and the major Corte Inglés department store. So it can be a practical location. You will see fewer tourists than in Casco Vello. It is a more local neighborhood. There are many nice cafés and bars nearby so in that way, it is a charming area.

The only downside is that some of the cheapest rooms are not completely soundproof, so at times you can hear small noises from the street and from the neighboring room. But it is very little and for most visitors, it is not a concern.

While Hotel Celta is an affordable hotel to stay with, it does have deluxe rooms, some suites, as well as an executive suite. So if you want to be in this particular area and have the need for a larger and more luxurious room, that can still be arranged. On average, previous guests rate Hotel Celta 7.5 out of 10 which is the best rating for a hotel in the lower price range in Vigo.

Book your room with Hotel Celta here!

Luxury hotel in Vigo

Gran Hotel Nagari – Book here

Since Vigo is a charming and cultural city by the sea, some visitors expect a luxurious stay. If that includes you, and if you don’t mind paying a bit extra to have a greater experience, then you should stay with one of the luxury hotels in Vigo.

Our favorite one is Gran Hotel Nagari. Located in the neighborhood of El Ensanche, you will be staying in one of Vigo’s most vibrant and interesting areas. The old town is just 200 meters west, the popular Alameda Park is right outside the front entrance, and Vigo’s commercial shopping area is just a few minutes south. So when staying at Gran Hotel Nagari, you will be near many of the city’s main attractions!

As for the interior, this hotel is very modern and sleek. The rooms are large, comfortable, and well decorated. Each bathroom has a hydromassage bath and a chromotherapy shower which is something that few hotels in Vigo offer. The rooms also have nice TVs with PlayStations installed. Once again, this is something unique. Heating and air conditioning make sure that you will always have your desired temperature in the room, regardless of what time of the year you come to visit.

It is one of the only central hotels in Vigo that has a swimming pool and a spa. The spa includes a Turkish bath, a hot tub, and a gym. The restaurant is very popular – it is called Alameda XXI and it has some great Galician plates on the menu. Furthermore, the restaurant is incredibly well designed and decorated, and you can enjoy a wide selection of wine.

This 5-star hotel gets an average rating of 9 out of 10 by previous guests, and it is by far one of the most popular hotels in the region. It is one of the few hotels in Vigo city centre that can be considered a luxury hotel. So if you are looking for a quality experience, and if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for the trouble, Gran Hotel Nagari is likely the top option in Vigo.

Book your stay and pick your preferred room here!

Best neighborhoods in Vigo

Casco Vello is the most popular neighborhood in Vigo among tourists. It is the old part of the city where you find charming architecture and classic attractions such as the Santa Maria church, Puerta del Sol, and Calle de las Ostras. There are a few hotels in and near Casco Vello, and if you want the typical tourist experience, this is where to stay. Hotel Bahia would be a great choice.

El Ensanche is the neighborhood to the east of Casco Vello. It is also very popular – it has some of the best architecture in Vigo, as the neighborhood was mostly settled when the city started booming, and much of El Ensanche is inspired by the Catalan businessmen and artists who came to Vigo during the 18th and 19th century. There are several nice hotels in El Ensanche (Gran Hotel Nagari is the top option) and the area has the awesome Alameda Park, several nice dining options, and many local shops. In the northern end of El Ensanche, by the marina, you can see the Jules Verne Monument, one of Vigo’s top attractions.

Anywhere facing the port and the marina would also be a solid place to stay in Vigo. The city has a long coastline, and if you find a nice hotel with a view of the sea, don’t hesitate to make your booking.

The shopping and commerce area of Vigo is centered around Rúa do Príncipe and the western part of Rúa do Urzáiz. The neighborhood with these streets is often referred to as María Auxiliadora. You can easily find hotels and hostels in this area. If you come to Vigo for shopping, for entertainment, or for meeting people, it would be a great area to stay in. But thanks to the central location, it is easy to access from any of its surrounding neighborhoods, such as Casco Vello and El Ensanche.

Santiago de Vigo is the eastern neighborhood of the city centre. It is more down-to-earth than the others. The streets are wide and easy to navigate. There are several good restaurants in Santiago de Vigo, as well as the church that carries the same name as the neighborhood. The area is situated right between Vigo’s two train stations, Guixar in the north and Urzáiz in the south, so if you are expecting to do lots of day trips while staying in Vigo, it will be a solid area.

A Divina Pastora is another central neighborhood. It has a local vibe, there are some nice cafés and bars, and you will be close to the main shopping streets. The area itself has the Corte Inglés department store, several smaller privately owned shops, and some decent hotels that are often affordable. If you want to be in a non-touristic yet still cultural and commercial area, it could be the way to go. Hotel Celta is a very affordable hotel in this part of the city.

O Carme/Freixeiro is another local and commercial area. It is centered around Plaza de la Independencia and Porta do Atlántico. It’s a great neighborhood for shopping. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many hotels there, but if you find a short-term apartment in the area, it will certainly be a good location for experiencing the day-to-day life in Vigo. You will be farther away from the old town and the marina, but there are plenty of buses connecting the two areas, and even walking from O Carme to Casco Vello will take less than 30 minutes.

The best beaches in Vigo’s municipality are in the western part of the city. If you want to be near the beaches, you should stay in either Alcambre, Navia or Coruxo. These are some pretty big neighborhoods, and if you stay there make sure it is right near the coast. Here you will find popular and nice beaches such as Praia de Samil and Praia del Vao.

Turismo de Vigo goes deeper into the neighborhoods of the city – read their article here.

Holiday apartments in Vigo

Holiday apartment in Vigo

It is no problem to find a holiday apartment in Vigo if you prefer that over a hotel.

Airbnb has the largest selection of private apartments and rooms. But you’ll find the highest quality by browsing Vrbo (formerly known as Homeaway). There are plenty of good vacation rentals to find there – and prices are very reasonable. It often costs about the same as it costs to book a hotel room, you just get a different experience. More freedom, but less service.

Booking.com mostly has hotels, but it also shows some holiday apartments in Vigo. There are some good options in the city centre as well as near the beaches on the edges of the Vigo municipality. Check their entire selection here.


Vigo is a highly walkable city with a great infrastructure, but it is still important to find a nice place to stay. We hope that this article has helped you decide where to stay in Vigo. The city has a lot of options, so sometimes it can be a bit confusing to browse through everything. Our recommendations as listed at the beginning of the article are always some good options if you are not sure where to stay.

In case you want to browse for more options by yourself, we will just share some quick tips: The main things to look for is obviously that your hotel is centrally located (in Casco Vello, El Ensanche, or in the shopping district would be ideal), and that the hotel offers comfort as well as all the amenities you are looking for.

Have a great trip to Vigo!

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