Shopping in A Coruña: Best Shops & Malls

Shopping in A Coruña

A Coruña is a cool city with several nice options for shopping. You’ll find malls, department stores, craft shops, modern stores for buying regular items, and you also find tourist shops for souvenirs and collectibles.

In this A Coruña shopping guide, we will show you the best places to go shopping. You will also find information on the general price range in the city, as well as the typical opening hours.

Best areas for shopping in A Coruña

The old city centre has some very interesting shops. The neighborhoods La Pescadería and Ensanche have combinations of everything: Clothing stores, shoe stores, accessories, bookstores, hardware shops, music shops, and of course souvenir shops! The southern part of La Pescadería is perfect if you want to shop for clothes, fashion and especially shoes (there are many shoe stores in this area).

In the historical centre, you will see a mix of small privately owned stores (these are usually the most interesting) and big fashion chains. In other words, you find a bit of everything, which is nice.

According to locals, the main shopping street in A Coruña is Rúa Real, the street that runs parallel Avenida Marina to the north. It’s a relatively narrow street that is often crowded with people – especially in the afternoon and at night. It has many mainstream international stores, but also some local businesses (often jewelry shops, perfumers, hairdressers, and chocolate shops). Rúa Real is a great place to start out when you are shopping in A Coruña. It is a very central street, easy to find.

The neighborhoods of Los Castros and Agra do Orzán both have lots of shops as well. These are newer parts of the city, a bit south of the historical centre, but definitely worth visiting if you want to shop.

Around the area of the train station, you will also find many stores, especially on the northern front.

Malls and shopping centres

Indoor shopping is great and fortunately, there are some nice shopping malls in A Coruña. Here are the best ones:

Marineda City

The best and biggest shopping centre in A Coruña. It has major stores like IKEA, Media Markt, Decathlon, Women’s Secret, El Corte Inglés, and several other shops. You can buy a bit of everything here.

There are also a few restaurants in the mall. We recommend eating with Goiko, a nice burger place. La Tagliatella is great for Italian food. VIPS and TGB are solid alternatives. 100 Montaditos is good for cheap sandwiches.

Right outside the mall, there are supermarkets (Mercadona and Lidl).

Marineda City is located in the south of A Coruña, a bit over a kilometer southwest of the central train station. Bus line 11 drives there. It opens at 10 in the morning and stays open until midnight on the weekdays and 1 am on the weekends – although many shops will close earlier than that.

Check the mall’s website for practical info.

Centro Comercial Cuatro Caminos

Located in the neighborhood of Los Castros, in the modern centre, just a bit south of the port and the historic centre, we find the Cuatro Caminos shopping mall.

It’s not as large as Marineda City, but it still gives you some good shopping opportunities.

4 Caminos has stores such as Pull & Bear, Zara, Kiko, and Orange. There are around 40 stores in total, with over half of them being for clothes and fashion. There are a few restaurants if you get hungry, and the malls also have bathrooms.

It’s open between 10 am and 9 pm every day except Sunday when it closes at 5 pm. Check the website for practical information. With such a central location, public transportation shouldn’t be necessary, you can walk to the mall if you are staying anywhere in the centre of A Coruña.

Across the street, there is the department store El Corte Inglés.

Los Cantones Village

Another central mall although relatively small compared to the others. It has some clothing stores, hairdressers, restaurants and bars. It also has a cinema. It is more of an entertainment venue than a shopping mall, but it does work for shopping too!

Los Cantones Village is located near the marina in the very centre of the city. It opens late, at 3 pm, but closes at 11 pm with extended hours on the weekends.

Coruña The Style Outlets

A Coruña also has an outlet mall. It is located in the far south of the city, in the suburb of La Pena, very near the airport.

This is a great place to go if you want cheap prices on quality items!

The Style Outlets has shops like Nike, Lamford, MANGO, Parfois, Festina, Element, and La Perfumería. It is perfect if you want to shop for clothes and accessories.

It’s open between 11 am and 9 pm every day – Saturdays with an additional hour open. However, the outlet is closed on major holidays.

The best way to get there is by driving. If you have a car, that’s the way to go. Otherwise, try to get a taxi since it will be easier to all your purchases back with you. There is a bus going to the outlet, it departs from central A Coruña at the Entrejardines stop (at the northern end of the park Xardíns de Méndez Núñez). The outlet is served by lines 4052, 4057, and 4059.

Best shops in A Coruña

If we look away from general areas and malls and take a look at specific shops, we find many interesting options in A Coruña.

First of all, there are all the main fashion shops that you will see in any part of Spain:

  • Zara
  • Bershka
  • Tezenis

Along with the international clothing stores that are present in several parts of the city:

  • H&M
  • C&A
  • Jack & Jones

Department store Fnac is located in Ensanche, right in the heart of the city near Xardíns de Méndez Núñez, a great place to shop for electronics and collectibles.

Spain’s largest chain of department stores, El Corte Inglés, is also present in the city at several locations. But a bit away from the historical centre: You will find some big Corte Inglés houses at the same location as the major malls, Marineda City and 4 Caminos.

Metropolis Comics is a popular store for comics, cards, and collectibles. There is one near Parque Europa at the southern end of Los Castros.

There are bookstores all over A Coruña, some of the best are in the areas of La Pescadería and Agra do Orzán.

Aires de Nova, located in the neighborhood of Agra do Orzán, is a popular wedding store with wedding dresses and other nice items.

Of course, a great part of visiting A Coruña is walking around and exploring the local, privately owned stores. So we highly recommend that you walk around in the central parts of the city, look for shops that interest you, and support some of the local entrepreneurs.

Price range in A Coruña

Stores and shops in A Coruña have prices that are very similar to the rest of Spain. The prices of general items in the big chains will not be much different from those same chains in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.

Local shops can be anywhere from cheap to very pricy, although they are generally quite affordable to shop with.

If you are visiting A Coruña from Western Europe, the US, Canada or Australia, prices will likely be very affordable compared to your local shops back home. For visitors from other countries, it might seem a bit expensive.

You will find very cheap clothes in some stores (t-shirts for 4€, pants for 10€) but you will also find high-fashioned stores with expensive prices (+100€ for pieces of clothes and accessories).

Restaurants, cafes and clubs will be cheaper to visit in A Coruña than in Madrid and Barcelona. But more expensive than other northwestern Spanish cities such as Vigo, Gijón and Oviedo.

It’s possible to eat a nice meal out for around 15-20€.

Ultimately, it all depends on where you go. General prices in A Coruña are affordable, but you can also decide to shop in more expensive places if you have certain needs.

Typical opening hours

Most shops in A Coruña open around 10-11 am. They usually close late in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening – although the stores in the malls stay open a little longer.

Restaurants typically take a break in the afternoon but stay open very late, often until after midnight.

Getting around the city

A Coruña is a mid-sized city and very walkable. It makes sense to walk around the city if you are a tourist since you will get to see a lot of things as you walk.

Another option is renting a car, taking taxis to get around, or taking a city bus. The last option is cheap, and buses cover most parts of A Coruña.

Staying in the city centre

If you’re planning to go shopping in A Coruña, the location is everything.

We would recommend staying with the NH Collection Hotel near the old city centre, or with Hotel Plaza if you want to be in the modern business and industrial centre. Either of these two options is good.

Read our full guide on where to stay in A Coruña. And don’t forget to visit the best attractions in this Galician city.

We wish you a great trip!

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