The Best Places to Go Shopping in Vigo

Shopping in Vigo

Shopping is one of the best things to do when visiting Vigo. There are plenty of nice stores, markets, and shopping centres. You’ll find nice craftsmanship as well as mainstream products in Vigo, but it is important to know where to go.

In this article, we are sharing a quick list of the best locations for shopping in Vigo, Spain. If you also want to learn about the general attractions in Vigo, check out this article – 21 things to do in Vigo.

Rúa do Príncipe

This street is mostly just referred to as Príncipe. It is the main shopping street of Vigo, located right in the centre of the city. It stretches from Porto do Sol/Puerta del Sol in the northern end to the Urzaiz monument in the southern end.

Príncipe is pretty busy, especially in the afternoon and in the evening where it is usually full of people. The entire street is packed with stores. You will find a bit of everything, although most stores are Spanish and international chains. Zara, Mango, and Tezenis are present, so it is never a problem to shop for clothes. There’s also an H&M, Levi’s, and Springfield. So the main focus is definitely on fashion, but there are also other types of shops. For instance, the sports shop Decathlon is present on Príncipe Street. Then there are the local jewelry, fashion and craft shops. Of course, there are also a few cafés, as well as a couple of places that sell waffles and ice cream.

Due to the central location and the general beauty of the street, Rúa do Príncipe is a place you must visit. Especially if you want to go shopping in Vigo. The surrounding area also has many stores, so don’t be afraid to explore the surrounding streets once you have checked the stores on Príncipe itself. We consider it the best place to go shopping since it is easily accessible and since you find a wide variety of shops.

Casco Vello

The entire Old Town (known as Casco Vello in Galician) is also a highlight. In this part of Vigo, you will find many local stores, including many craft shops. It is also the part of the city that has the highest number of souvenir shops, so if you want to bring a little item back from your trip, this is the area to go browsing.

The shops are generally spread out well across the entire Old Town of Vigo, so we simply recommend you to take a walk in the area and see what you find. Rúa Cesteiros is a small but popular street in this area where there are some very traditional handicraft shops with items that are very useful. That is just one example – be sure to explore the area well. There are also some great restaurants in Casco Vello, the majority of them serve seafood, so once you need a break from the shopping, you can charge the batteries with a nice meal.

Centro Comercial A Laxe

This is one of the most modern shopping centres in Vigo. Centro Comercial A Laxe is located right by the port, near the section where cruises and ferries arrive.

A Laxe is a pretty big place. It has a nice handful of shops but actually, the emphasis is more on general entertainment rather than shopping. There is a Burger King and some restaurants inside. It also has a casino.

The most popular shops inside A Laxe are the large Media Markt, along with clothing/cosmetic chains Mango, Desigual, and Sephora.

Centro Comercial is a place that is best to visit in the afternoons and in the early evenings. If you are walking by the port area, take a look inside the mall!

Centro Comercial Gran Vía

Another central mall in Vigo is the ultra-popular Centro Comercial Gran Vía. It is not located in the historic centre of Vigo, but rather a bit south. You will find the mall in the vicinity of Avenida Gran Vía, just south of the neighborhood O Carme.

This mall has everything a shopper needs. It is the typical modern Iberian shopping centre with plenty of space, a food court, a cinema, regular events, and supermarkets if you need anything practical.

There are over 70 different shops at the Gran Vía mall. That includes an IKEA, very practical if you live in Vigo and need to buy furniture. However, most shops are related to clothing, accessories, gaming, electronics, and lotteries. At the moment, the mall has 15 restaurants, most of which are fast food places. So don’t expect a special meal here, but it is a nice place to go for a burger with friends or family.

Most locals take the car when they go to the mall. If you are staying in the old centre or near the port, it is too far to walk. You can either take a bus (six different lines go to the mall) or a taxi. Read about all the ways to get there on Centro Comercial Gran Vías website.

El Corte Inglés

A trip to any Spanish city absolutely has to include a visit to El Corte Inglés – the country’s biggest chain of department stores.

El Corte Inglés in Vigo is one of the best of the bunch. It is a large department store with multiple floors. You can buy basically everything in Corte Inglés – perfumes, accessories, clothes, games, books, music, merchandise, sports equipment, anything. It also has a supermarket on the basement floor. In general, the selection of items is similar to other Corte Inglés stores around the country. But there are some local additions here, such as Vigo souvenirs, locally sourced meats, and vegetables in the supermarkets. In the sports section, you can of course buy a Celta Vigo jersey!

We highly recommend going to El Corte Inglés if it is a priority for you to shop in Vigo. In any case, the supermarket in the basement is great, as you will find quality products. Prices are a bit higher than in other Spanish supermarkets, but the quality is better at Corte Inglés.

The department store has a central location in Vigo. It is located in between Rúa Venezuela, Rúa México, and Rúa Ecuador. You can shop at Corte Inglés on the same day as you browse the stores on Rúa Príncipe: Simply walk down south on Príncipe, continue on Rúa Urzaiz, and then turn right as you get on Rúa Hernán Cortés.

O Calvario

This open-air commercial area is one of the more traditional places to shop in Vigo. It is situated in the northwestern end of the large parish Lavadores, about a kilometer east of the Corte Inglés. You can walk there and see some more residential neighborhoods on the way, or you can take a bus to get there.

There are many decent shops in this area of Vigo. The highlight would be the market, known as Mercado Calvario. A great place to buy some fresh food. The majority will be raw produce, but you can also buy snacks, drinks, and small dishes. More information can be found at the official Mercado Calvario website. There is also a nice book store (Espazo Lector Nobel O Calvario), along with many nice bakeries, cafés, and bars in the area.

The best time to visit O Calvario would be in the morning or right around noon.


One of the most underrated places to visit in Vigo will be the neighborhood of Bouzas. It is a few kilometers west of central Vigo, but it is a buzzing area with lots of activities. Bouzas is also a port district, and it has a lot of industry. But it also has beaches – check out the Bouzas beach on the western side of the port – and many places where you can take comfy walks.

Bouzas is quite traditional. It does not have that many mainstream stores, so you won’t find a huge amount of international chains there. But that is the charm of it – most of the shops in Bouzas are local, and many of them quite traditional. There are shops with fishing equipment, several sporting stores, as well as bookshops, and several traditional handicraft shops. You will also love the tapas bars and the food market. The food market has great produce. You can also buy flowers there.

On the weekend, there is a street market, also worth visiting. If you want to see this, go to Bouzas in the morning. Otherwise, especially on the weekdays, go in the evening. The sunset is beautiful on the seaside of Bouzas, and you should try some of the restaurants. Take a taxi from central Vigo to get there. You can also consider booking a hotel in the area for a night and truly experience this part of the city.

Not only is this a great place to visit for shopping. It is also a charming area in general, with its promenade, public art, and many great restaurants.

Samil Beach Market

Samil Beach is the most popular beach in the municipality. It is located southwest of both Vigo city centre and Bouzas, facing the Cies Islands directly.

On most days, street stalls are set up in Samil. If you want to shop in a local and traditional way, you have to stop by this area. You can buy crafts, clothes, bags, souvenirs, food, drinks, everything. Almost everything is local.

If you come to Vigo in the summer – or perhaps in the late spring or early autumn – you can take a day at the beach in Samil. And at the same time, you can check out the street market there. The market is also open in the winter, so on a clear day, it is a great place to go for a walk. On top of the beach and the market, there are many restaurants near Samil – both fast-food chains and higher-class local restaurants. You will also find facilities for general entertainment, such as a tennis field, and the popular Bowling Vigo / Bolera Samil facility where you can go bowling.


Time to round off our Vigo shopping guide. It truly is a great place with many different shopping areas where you can look at windows and purchase items. Quality fashion is relatively affordable, many stores in Vigo have great original craftsmanship and as a tourist, you can find plenty of souvenirs and fascinating local items to bring home with you.

Rúa do Príncipe, Casco Vello, A Laxe, and El Corte Inglés are some easily accessible shopping areas in the deep city centre of Vigo. If you are willing to go a bit further for some more specialized and unique shopping, take a bus or a taxi to O Calvario, Bouzas, or Samil Beach. The Gran Vía mall might also require a small ride from the centre, but it is a place where you can stay for hours since it has entertainment as well as shops.

Have a great trip to Vigo – don’t miss our guide on where to stay in the city!

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