Best Cities to Visit in November

November is not exactly the most obvious month to travel – in fact it is outside of the travel season. But that can be a great thing, as prices are lower and availability higher. So if you have time for it, a trip in the late autumn is certainly a terrific option. Here are the best cities to visit in November.

Seville (Spain)


Seville is located in Andalusia, which is the southernmost region of mainland Spain. Therefore, it is also the warmest. And even in November, the weather is not that bad – at least not when comparing to the rest of Europe. You can expect average temperatures around 15 degrees celcius (59 fahrenheit), with some days even reaching 20 degrees celcius (68 fahrenheit). Not exactly bad for November!

But of course, the weather isn’t the main reason to visit Seville. The attractions are more important. It’s a beautiful and historic city. Seville’s top sight is the cathedral and the Plaza de España. But don’t forget to take walks in the beautiful narrow streets in the old part of the city. And if you’re up for it, you can do a day trip to Cádiz, the oldest city in Western Europe, located just a bit south of Seville.

Copenhagen (Denmark)


November is not a particularly popular month to visit Copenhagen. Quite the opposite, actually. But that brings benefits: Copenhagen is an expensive city, and if you want to visit it during the late spring, the summer or in December, you can expect to pay a lot of money for staying in a hotel. Even the hostel prices and Copenhagen are high – often reminiscent of hotel prices on other areas of Europe.

By visiting in November, you can make the trip a bit more affordable. The hotels have lower prices, and most holiday apartments will be empty. At the same time, Copenhagen is warming up for Christmas, so you might spot a few markets in the final weeks of November. And as always there are many impressive sights and attractions in Copenhagen. Therefore, it’s a city you should consider for your November holiday. Even if it’s cold!

Reykjavik (Iceland)


There’s no doubt that Reykjavik will be cold during November – just like Copenhagen. However, there’s still plenty of reasons to go there. Iceland is beautiful as always – no matter when you visit, a great experience is guaranteed.

But aside from that: Reykjavik is home to a nice music festival in November. Iceland Airwaves will take place for five days – expected to attract a lot of locals, but also travelers. Many talented artists are participating, so it is arguably the best music festival you can possibly attend in the month of November.

New Orleans (United States)

New Orleans

If you’re traveling in the United States, it makes sense to go down south in November. There’s no matter place than New Orleans, where you can see classic attractions doing the day, party at night, and enjoy better weather than what most of the US has to offer during this time of year.

At the same time it is football season, and you can book a ticket to watch the New Orleans Saints play at home in the Superdome. Even for non-football fans, that’s a worthwhile experience: The mood in the dome is always wild and crazy, making every home game feel like a small carnival as fans like to dress out. The Saints will face off against rivals Falcons and Panthers during their two November home matchups.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina – and it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning that the seasons are flipped around compared the north. November is a month with decent weather in Buenos Aires. Nights can be somewhat cold, but during the daytime, it is not unusual for temperatures to reach 25 degrees celcius (77 fahrenheit), although the average is slightly below that.

The city is enormous and it has a lot to offer. Its most famous attractions are Plaza de Mayo, the Recoleta Cemetery, the Colón Theatre, La Boca, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Buenos Aires is also home to some of the best football/soccer clubs in Argentina. The mood is intense, and if you dare, you can watch a match. Finally, Buenos Aires has great shopping options with several huge shopping streets and a couple of nice malls. It is a destination that should always be considered – not just in November, but all year around!

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