How to Get From Lisbon to Cascais

From Lisbon to Cascais

Located on the Portuguese Riviera, the municipality of Cascais ranks as one of the most luxurious destinations in Portugal. It is only a quick ride away from Lisbon and there are several methods of transportation. Here are the best ways to get from Lisbon to Cascais and vice versa!

The majority of tourists simply take a day trip to Cascais, but it is also a great place to stay for a longer vacation. Check our hotel recommendations in Cascais here.

By train

If you want to travel with public transport, train is by far the best option. There is a direct link between Lisbon and Cascais – the particular railway is referred to as “Linha de Cascais”.

The train leaves from Cais do Sodré in the southern part of Lisbon city centre. It typically has 9-15 stops on the way to Cascais, before finally arriving at Estação de Cascais in the heart of the city.

The price is €2.30 each way, and you can buy your tickets at the station in the vending machine. The fare will be added to your Viva Viagem travel card. If you don’t have one yet, you can get one at the very same machine, for a one-time cost of 50 cents. Safe the card, because you can recharge it for future trips around the Lisbon area!

The journey between Lisbon and Cascais takes either 33 or 40 minutes, depending on which train you take. During the daytime, there are 3-5 connections per hour. Find the schedule here. The trains can be very crowded in late spring and in summer. For the rest of the year, it isn’t that bad.

Trains on the Linha de Cascais railway run until 1.30 am and commence in the morning around 5.30 am.

By car

Perhaps you have access to a car while you are staying in Portugal. It is easy to rent one in Lisbon. This would allow you to make the drive yourself.

You have to drive directly west via the IC15 motorway. When you see the Cascais exit, turn off and head towards the city. The entire journey takes about 40 minutes, although 5 minutes can be cut off if there is light traffic. There is a small toll to drive on the IC15.

Some quick warnings if you decide to drive yourself:

  • It can be difficult to find parking in Cascais. If you are going to drive, make sure your hotel or holiday apartment offers parking.
  • Traffic can be rough in the summer – although it is reasonable for the rest of the year.
  • If you are renting a car, get an automatic. Lisbon is a hilly city and managing the clutch can be a pain in the ass while you are getting out of the city centre. So avoid manual transmission cars if you aren’t an experienced driver in these terrains.

By bus

It rarely makes sense to take the bus from Lisbon to Cascais and vice versa. It is slower than taking the train, and there isn’t much of a price difference.

However, there can be some exceptions:

  • If you are going in the summer and you want to make sure you can get a seat.
  • If you are staying near Sete Rios or Oriente in Lisbon. In that case, the bus terminal will simply be easier to reach, and you don’t need to go to the one train station that connects Lisbon to Cascais.

FlixBus is an international bus company that covers the route. They typically charge €6 for a fare. You can book online, and you will be sure that you have a seat on the bus (if you take the train, there aren’t always seats available).

Local buses also connect the two cities, for a smaller price than FlixBus, but less suited for tourists since there is less room for luggage.

Buses depart from both the Sete Rios and the Oriente terminals in Lisbon. Sete Rios is located in northwestern Lisbon near the Zoo. Oriente is located in northeastern Lisbon near Parque das Nações. In Cascais, all the buses arrive to and depart from the Terminal Rodoviário. This terminal is located just north of the historic city centre.

Private tour

For those planning a day trip from Lisbon to Cascais rather than a long stay only in Cascais, the most comfortable option is certainly to book a private tour.

There are tour companies that drive you from central Lisbon into Cascais, typically in a private car, a van or a small bus. On top of being transported back and forth both ways, they will also guide you to the top attractions in Cascais! So this is the typical tourist solution if you want an easy and straightforward trip to Cascais, and if you simply want to experience the city over the course of a few hours.

A private tour should be booked in advance. There are online sites, such as GetYourGuide, where you can make the booking. It can be a private tour just for you and your co-travelers. Or it can be a semi-private tour where you will be part of a larger group of tourists.

Booking a private tour or joining a group tour is certainly the most comfortable way to travel between Lisbon and Cascais. But: It is only really ideal for those on a day trip. If you are planning a longer stay in Cascais, taking the train or driving yourself are still the best options.

Lisbon Airport to Cascais

Some travelers plan to stay in Cascais the entire time. If so, you will likely have to get in through Lisbon Airport anyway. From there, it is most practical to get a taxi. The cost will be between €80-100 if you simply get into a taxi at the airport terminal. If you ride with Uber or pre-book your transfer with a local company, the cost will usually be a bit lower – expect around €50-70 in that case.

Using public transport to get from Lisbon Airport to Cascais is also an option, of course. It will be a lot cheaper. You’d have to take the metro from Lisbon Airport to Cais do Sodré, and then the train from Cais do Sodré to Estação de Cascais. The total price for a one way journey would only add up to €5 or so – a fraction of the price of taking a taxi or an Uber. However, the travel time would be a bit longer, it will be more uncomfortable (especially if you carry a lot of luggage), and it would potentially add some stress if you haven’t done the trip before. So, in most cases, we recommend taking a taxi, an Uber, or getting a pre-arranged transfer from the airport.


Cascais is a must-visit city. It is arguably the coolest and most luxurious place in all of Portugal – and it is located so close to Lisbon that you can easily reach it if you are there on vacation.

Now that you know the best ways to get from Lisbon to Cascais and vice versa – what are you waiting for? Make the trip and enjoy Cascais!

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