Best Luxury Hotels in Buenos Aires – Reviewing the 4 Best Hotels in the Fanciest Areas

Luxury hotels in Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires has world-class neighborhoods with architecture reminiscent of cities in France and Spain. It is also one of the most cultural and artistic cities on the planet. If you’re planning a visit to Buenos Aires, consider staying in one of the luxury hotels.

There are quite a few 5-star hotels in Buenos Aires. But some are better than others. The main factor will always be the location, especially in Latin America where the differences between neighborhoods can be vast. Quality and service matter too, so there’s plenty to consider when booking a hotel.

All the best hotels are located within four areas of central Buenos Aires:

  • Recoleta
  • Retiro
  • Microcentro
  • Puerto Madero

All these barrios are incredible, known to be high-class, so below you will find a specific hotel recommendation for each area. All the hotels recommended in this article are 5-star hotels. Argentina is affordable right now, so why not get some luxury for your money?

Palladio Hotel Buenos Aires

Neighborhood: Recoleta
Starting price: $210
Average rating: 9.7

Book your stay at the Palladio Hotel here

Our primary recommendation is the Palladio. If you want to get the best deal in Buenos Aires, just make a booking here – it’s that simple.

Located in Recoleta, the city’s richest neighborhood, the Palladio is a popular hotel among local superstars. The service is incredible, the interior absolutely stunning, and the rooms have a level of comfort that few other hotels can match.

The price is also a factor. It isn’t even that expensive compared to other 5-star hotels in Buenos Aires, and if you’re used to luxury hotels in other parts of the world, the price that Palladio charges will almost seem like a bargain.

Finally it should be said that the hotel is near some of the top cultural attractions in Bueno Aires – such as the Recoleta Cemetary, the Colon Theatre, and the Ateneo Grand Splendid.

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Neighborhood: Retiro
Starting price: $850
Average rating: 9.2

Book your stay at the Four Seasons here

You obviously know about Four Seasons. This chain has luxury hotels in all the world’s most important cities, and that includes Buenos Aires where it usually ranks as the most expensive one.

If you want to pay extra to get the best, this is the clear selection. Four Seasons in Buenos Aires is just as you would expect: The building is iconic, the rooms are comfy beyond belief, and the staff is extremely skilled.

The interior design is better at Four Seasons than at any other luxury hotel in Buenos Aires. All the rooms are beautifully decorated so you’ll really feel like royalty while staying there.

There’s no chance of getting bored in Buenos Aires, but if you’re looking to spend some time within the hotel, there are swimming pools, spa, gourmet restaurants and much more.

As for the building, it is essentially a 20th-century mansion built in a traditional French style. You’ll see plenty of (original) artworks while going through the hallways of the hotel.

Alvear Art Hotel

Neighborhood: Microcentro
Starting price: $190
Average rating: 9.0

Book your stay at Alvear Art Hotel here

In our opinion one of the best-located luxury hotels in Buenos Aires. The Alvear Art Hotel is right in the city center, specifically the neighborhood that the locals refer to as ‘Microcentro’. It’s bordered by Retiro and Recoleta to the north, Puerto Madero to the west, and Monserrat and San Telmo to the south. An absolutely perfect location for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and generally just enjoying Buenos Aires.

The hotel has a contemporary design with plenty of space everywhere you go. The furniture is comfy, but surprisingly minimalistic in design. There are some highlights here and there, as the hotel has excellent artwork in the common areas.

There’s a great dining area so you won’t want to skip breakfast. The Spa and Fitness Center is another highlight where you have many options such as a pool, sauna, steam bath, relaxation areas, and all the gym equipment you would ever need to stay in shape.

Overall, the Alvear Art Hotel is a terrific option if you value location, space and good service. The price is quite reasonable and it is usually the most affordable 5-star hotel of the ones mentioned in this article – although prices can vary with discounts, availability and whatnot.

Hilton Buenos Aires

Neighborhood: Puerto Madero
Starting price: $210
Average rating: 8.8

Book your stay at Hilton Buenos Aires here

Puerto Madero is a fancy, modern area of Buenos Aires with plenty of opportunities when it comes to business, dining and nightlife. It’s also one of the safest areas of the city.

Therefore, we find several 5-star hotels in this part of Buenos Aires. The one with the best combination of price and quality is the Hilton Buenos Aires – a great choice if you want to stay in Puerto Madero, and a particularly good choice if you’re traveling on business.

The rooms are quite large – regular rooms are 42m² while suits are 106m² – and the view is top-notch. You can easily enjoy the Buenos Aires skyline from the Hilton, something that certainly adds to the charm of staying there.

Hilton offers flexible check-in hours and excellent service. There are three restaurants on-site, mainly serving Argentine, French, and standard dishes.

Price-wise, the Hilton is one of the most affordable 5-star hotels in Buenos Aires. They have decent work facilities so it’s a popular choice among business travelers.

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