Best Day Trips From Gdansk, Poland – Our Favorite Destinations Within 3 Hours of Gdansk!

Day trips from Gdansk Poland

Situated at a somewhat isolated spot on Poland’s Baltic coast, the city of Gdansk doesn’t offer as many interesting day trips as the more central Polish cities. But we still find some good options, some of which are very underrated.

Here’s a list of the best day trips from Gdansk, Poland. Including information on how to get to each place, and how long it takes to get there from Gdansk!

Sopot: A Seaside Escape

Escape to the relaxing town of Sopot, just a 20-minute train ride from Gdansk. Known as the “Polish Riviera,” Sopot has pristine beaches, historic sites, art galleries, and very good cuisine. Stroll along Europe’s longest wooden pier, attend a concert at the Forest Opera, or indulge in a meal at a local Polish restaurant. This coastal city is the ideal day trip for those seeking relaxation and cultural experience. If you go in the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll catch a party or two – Sopot is a popular spot among young Poles in the summer months.

To get from Gdansk to Sopot, you simply take a local train. It takes 15 minutes on average.

Gdynia: Maritime Marvel

Immerse yourself in Gdynia’s vibrant maritime history and modern architectural gems. Explore the bustling harbor, visit the Polish Maritime Museum, and stroll along the picturesque Kosciuszko Square. Don’t miss the Emigration Museum or the important Tricity Landscape Park. Gdynia, just 30 minutes from Gdansk by train, promises an extraordinary day trip experience.

Hel: Coastal Charm

Experience the tranquil charm of Hel, a fishing village located at the tip of the Hel Peninsula near Gdansk. With beautiful beaches, maritime museums, and the Hel Seal Sanctuary, this destination offers something for everyone. Go to Hel via a 90-minute scenic train ride or a seasonal ferry service from Gdansk. A great option in the warmer months of the year!

Malbork: Medieval Majesty

An obvious destination all year round. Check out the majesty of Malbork, home to one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval castles. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit for anyone interested in history and architecture. From Gdansk, you simply take a 1-hour train ride through the tranquil Polish countryside to reach Malbork. The castle should be the main priority, and after you’ve seen it you can start focusing on some of the other cool sights around Malbork.

Stutthof: A Poignant Reminder

Honor the victims of the Holocaust with a visit to Stutthof, one of the earliest and longest-operating Nazi concentration camps. Visiting the site can be a bit sad, yet you can gain valuable insights. The Stutthof Museum offers a powerful experience, bearing witness to the suffering endured by the camp’s prisoners. Reach Stutthof in about one and a half hours from Gdansk by bus or private tour. The latter is probably best, as there will be a guide going with you, although it will also be pricier.

Elblag: A Hidden Gem

Discover the charm and history of Elblag, a captivating city just 1.5 hours from Gdansk by train or car. Explore the classic Old Town, marvel at the stunning St. Nicholas Cathedral, and embark on a unique boat trip along the Elblag Canal. This day trip promises to leave a lasting impression – it’s a great option for anyone interested in a cultural experience.

Kolobrzeg: Coastal Delight

You may also venture to Kolobrzeg, a seaside resort renowned for its therapeutic spas and unspoiled sandy beaches. Visit the Kolobrzeg Museum, iconic lighthouse, and scenic promenade. The journey from Gdansk to Kolobrzeg takes approximately 3 hours by train, providing a convenient and enjoyable means of transport, although slightly long. The city was previously known as Kolberg and has a German history as well. Staying for more than one day should be considered, but a day trip is definitely possible.

Poznan: Cultural Fusion

Explore the youthful city of Poznan, brimming with history and a lively atmosphere. Wander through the stunning Old Market Square, visit the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, and try out the city’s exceptional culinary scene. From Gdansk to Poznan, it takes just around 3 hours by train, and consider extending your stay to fully appreciate this remarkable destination. It’s one of Poland’s most characteristic cities. It has a lot of young people and feels more multicultural than other parts of the country. An ideal stay would be 2-3 days, but even in 1 day you can get some solid experiences.

Warsaw: The Heart of Poland

Uncover the fascinating blend of history, culture, and modernity of the country’s capital by taking a day trip – or staying a bit longer – in amazing Warsaw.

It’s a dynamic destination in many ways. As you wander through Warsaw’s picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site reconstructed after World War II, you’ll be transported back in time. The majestic Royal Castle stands proudly, bearing witness to the city’s resilience and grandeur. Delve deeper into Warsaw’s tumultuous past at the Warsaw Uprising Museum which provides powerful insights into the city’s history.

With a travel time of approximately 2.5-3 hours by train from Gdansk, Warsaw is a convenient and comfortable day trip destination. As you journey through the terrain of Poland, anticipation builds for the fascinating capital city.

In Conclusion: Embrace the Adventure

Each of these day trips from Gdansk showcases the diverse beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture that Poland has to offer – particularly the northern and central sections of the country. Whether you’re drawn to the seaside charm of Sopot, the maritime heritage of Gdynia, the tranquil allure of Hel, or the historical marvels of Malbork, Poznań, and Warsaw, you’re sure to find an adventure that speaks to your heart.

So go ahead, venture beyond Gdansk’s city limits, and discover the wonders that await you. These day trips from Gdansk could leave you with a newfound love for this remarkable country. Happy travels!

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