Where to Stay in Liverpool

Where to Stay in Liverpool

Liverpool continues to grow as a tourist destination. The city exploded in 2018 with 38 million visitors and it has suddenly become a top destination for cultural travellers. Liverpool’s rich history, cultural sites, and great nightlife are three reasons why tourists book trips to the northwest English city.

Due to the popularity of visiting Liverpool, good hotel rooms can go quickly and the price can be through the roof. It is important to book early and often – especially if you want to stay in one of the lavish, cool, and trendy hotels listed below.

Liverpool Waterfront

The waterfront is a staple of cities on the sea and Liverpool Waterfront is no different. It is a beautiful location in which hotels, bars, restaurants, and shopping are all in one place. The great thing about Liverpool Waterfront is how easy it is to get to everything and in just minutes, you can reach other parts of the city.

The area is packed with must-see attractions and it isn’t difficult to walk from your hotel to a restaurant then to a nightclub and back during the evening. Liverpool Waterfront is also home to museums and historical attractions as well. You can also get a bird’s eye view of the city down at Keel Wharf riding the Wheel of Liverpool. 

Where to stay at Liverpool Waterfront?

If you fancy a hotel with great amenities, then look no further than StayCity. The hotel offers up serviced apartments perfect for business or pleasure. StayCity not only has great rooms in a perfect location, but you can make your stay a little more like home in the cosy apartments thanks to a fridge, stove, and microwave. 

If you plan on staying a number of days in Liverpool and want to take it easy on your wallet, then staying in a fully serviced apartment is the ideal way to do it. The hotel also has a great breakfast space and bar where you can meet like-minded guests. 

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Cheapside doesn’t seem like it would be a great place to spend a holiday in Liverpool simply based on its name, but if you are looking for a cool, hipster place to base your trip, then why not stay in the area? Cheapside offers an excellent central location to many of the best nightclubs and bars the city has to offer. It isn’t far from Liverpool ONE either, so shopping is nearly on your doorstep. The area is gritty and offers a truer sense of the city than some of the upscale areas on offer. 

Where to stay in Cheapside?

The coolest place to stay in Cheapside – possibly the only – is the Bridewell Hotel. The hotel is a former prison which indicates just how rough Cheapside was at one time. The former prison has been rebuilt but many of its wooden beams and fittings remain. The hotel rooms are simply the old cells redesigned offering up a cosy stay for one or two people. 

As a prison, the Bridewell was in use for 130 years and was only shut down in 1997. The building stood unused for nearly 20 years until it was redesigned as a centrally located hotel with historic appeal. The Bridewell has 85 modern rooms complete with hi-spec en suite bathrooms and LED Smart TVs. You won’t feel like a prisoner staying in the Bridewell today.

Georgian Quarter

Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter is an upscale area of the city that was founded in the early 1800s. Townhouses built in Georgian architecture were constructed as wealthy Liverpudlians moved to the area to live near like-minded people. In the middle of the Georgina Quarter is Hope Street, which is regarded as one of the prettiest streets in all of the United Kingdom. Hope Street has the city’s two cathedrals on either end which showcases its significance to locals. 

Although you won’t find lively nightlife on Hope Street you can find plenty of culture. One of the popular tourist attractions available is Hope Street Shivers Ghost Walk. According to legend, Hope Street is the most haunted in England’s northwest and thousands of tourists and ghost hunters descend on it each year to search for ghouls. 

The Georgian Quarter is also home to the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, and Paul McCartney-influenced Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. If you want an upscale trip to Liverpool, the Georgian Quarter is the place to start out. 

Where to stay in the Georgian Quarter?

The Hope Street Hotel is a boutique hotel that opened in Liverpool long before the trend of such places caught fire. Over the last decade-plus, the Hope Street Hotel has expanded and in 2019, added 61 more rooms to take its total to 150. Despite the added hotel rooms, the atmosphere and minimalist decor did not change. 

The newer area of the hotel contains a swimming pool, cinema, and members’ club. While the Hope Street Hotel already had an elite vibe, its expansion has made it even classier for travellers looking for an upscale night’s sleep. 

The London Carriage Works is located inside the Hope Street Hotel and serves up modern British fare. There is also a cocktail bar allowing guests to have a pre-night out drink or to enjoy a nightcap. Guests on business can enjoy the relaxing comfort of the hotel. Philharmonic Hall’s location opposite the hotel makes it a great place to stay while attending shows.


Liverpool is a city for individuals looking for fun. Whether you want a hotel with history and character or a place for a longer stay that allows you to feel young, the Faithful City has the perfect place to lay your head.

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