Where to Stay in Flensburg – Areas & Hotels

Where to stay in Flensburg, Germany

Flensburg is a relatively small, yet super interesting city. You can easily walk around to see most places. However, some areas are still better than others, and some travelers may have special preferences. In this article, we will suggest where to stay in Flensburg – you’ll get a few nice hotel recommendations to make the booking easy.

Best areas in Flensburg

Flensburg centre

Old town/center – For most people, the best option is to stay in or near the old town which is also the central part of Flensburg. This is where life is, where you can do stuff at any time. You have the most charming architecture here, you have mainstream stores, galleries, and restaurants. Many of the main attractions are here. To the north, you can see the Marienkirche. In the southern part of the old town, you have the red street, famous for its rum. In the western part, you can see the Isted Lion or go to Luther Park. Head east and you have an additional amount of bars and restaurants. Many hotels are located in the old town, and slightly to the east, there are even more. When you stay here, you can easily reach most parts of the city on foot.

The harbour district is one of the best places to stay in Flensburg

Harbor district – North of the old town, we find the harbor district. Obviously, it is famous for its history. Nowadays you can enjoy the view of the boats and ships. There are several great attractions here, including the maritime museum and Phäenomenta. Naturally, this area is also best for seafood.

Marienhof – If you want to stay in a more residential area, go for Marienhof. There aren’t that many hotels, but finding a holiday apartment should be doable. This area has a lot of parks and it’s a very slow-paced area.

Nordstaden – The northern part of the city is a bit different, it has many facilities for various activities, and it has foreign stores, markets and food places. It also has industry. Again, not a lot of hotels here, but if you can find a private holiday apartment, it might be cheaper.

University area – The local university is located a little over a kilometer southeast of the old town. As a tourist, it doesn’t make much sense to stay here, but if you’re an exchange student or if you are moving to Flensburg temporarily, it might make sense. The train station of the city is located slightly west of the campus, so being near the station could be an argument for staying here.

Hotel recommendations in Flensburg

If we have to recommend just one hotel in Flensburg, it will be Hotel Hafen Flensburg. It’s a quality hotel, one of the absolute best in the city. Rooms are spacious, breakfast is great, and the location is right on point. Hafen Flensburg is located by the harbor, so you have a great view, and you are still within a kilometer of the historical center with all the shops. During the coronavirus pandemic, this hotel has made some great strides in keeping everything clean and living up to the protocols set by authorities. The average price per night is 119 euros, in the higher end among Flensburg hotels, but still very reasonable.

As mentioned, Hotel Hafen Flensburg is in the harbor district. If you want to stay in a hotel with similar quality, but right in the old town, you can choose Hotel Alte Post Flensburg. Great quality, and actually a bit cheaper (average price per night is 88 euros). The entire building is beautiful and well-designed. It also has a bar.

A budget option in the city would be Hotel Flensburger Hof, priced at just 69 euros per night on average, yet still central and with modern rooms.

If you want a hotel in more natural settings, outside of the city center, the charming and nostalgic Hotel Wassersleben could be a great idea. It is located far north of the center, so you would need a car to get around. Perfect for everyone wanting a calm and romantic holiday.

How to get around

Walking is the best way to get around in Flensburg, at least in the central parts. The city is very walkable.

If you don’t like walking, there are taxis and buses. Obviously, taxies are not cheap, but the buses are, and they cover the important areas of the city.

Having a car is ideal if you wish to explore other towns in the region or if you’re visiting Flensburg as part of a road trip.

The train station in Flensburg has frequent connections to Hamburg and other German cities. It is also possible to cross the border into Denmark in a matter of minutes. If you want to go from Flensburg to Denmark, there are daily trains to the border towns as well as to the larger city of Aarhus in central Denmark.

What to do and see

There are many fun and interesting things to do in Flensburg. We recommend you to read our article about the best attractions in Flensburg here!


Flensburg is a great city to visit. And like anywhere else, it is important to find the best possible accommodation. You need to think about which area will suit you best. For most travelers, that will be the center and the harbor district. Based on this, you can easily search for hotels and find some nice options. Of course, you are also more than welcome to simply follow our hotel recommendations. We consider Hotel Hafen Flensburg as the best option at the moment!

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