Football Trip to Munich – The Complete Guide

Football trip to Munich
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Munich is home to one of the world’s biggest football clubs – Bayern Munich. Lots of fans are interested in visiting Munich for a football trip, and if you are one of them, be sure to check this guide.

We will not only share information about how to get Bayern Munich tickets and tours. We will also take a look at the smaller clubs in Munich if you want to experience even more football when you’re there.

Bayern Munich

As one of the most successful clubs in Europe, Bayern Munich always attracts a lot of attention. In German, the club is known as Bayern München – and it has dominated the Bundesliga for years. On top of that, Bayern has also enjoyed great success in the Champions League, and the club’s players have done incredibly well on the international stage.

With stars such as Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Joshua Kimmich it is no wonder that Bayern Munich is such a popular club internationally. If you’re a fan of the team – or a general football fan – you will definitely enjoy a football trip to Munich.

One option is to try and get match tickets. Bayern Munich is a very popular club and it has a huge amount of members with season tickets and first priority tickets. Therefore, it can be a bit tricky – but it is possible. Another option is to do a stadium tour. That is a lot cheaper, you can do it any day of the week, and it’s still a great experience. Below, we will analyze the two options a bit further and show how you can experience Bayern Munich.

How to get Bayern Munich tickets

The best place to buy tickets is simply through Bayern Munich’s own ticket site.

When matches are scheduled, you can usually buy tickets a few weeks in advance. Do that by clicking on “Online Ticketing” on the site we linked to above. Here you can see the matches with available tickets. When you are purchasing your tickets, you also have to choose which part of the stadium you want to be seated in. Prices might differ a lot. You get the full overview of all available options at the Bayern site. A lot of it will be booked in advance, but if you’re lucky there will still be different areas to choose from.

Another option is the “Ticket Application” button. Here you can apply for tickets before they are available and for sale. This even includes matches where the fixture is yet to have a date. It can be a good option if you are flexible, and a good option if you often find regular tickets sold out. In the ticket application system, there is a lottery formula that decides which applicants ultimately get to buy tickets.

Naturally, members and fans who already have tickets might decide to sell. There can be many reasons for this. Some do it to profit from it, others do it because they just can’t attend a certain match. But you can take advantage – often the price will be a bit higher, but it all depends. There is an exchange on Bayern’s website where members and fans are allowed to put their own tickets up for sale. Many fans also sell tickets privately on the open market – check social media groups to set that up.

There are some websites that are authorized to sell Bayern Munich tickets as well. However, we recommend using the official Bayern site since it has proven to be a safe and effective place to buy tickets.

Allianz Arena stadium tour

Let’s face it, it can be difficult and expensive to get tickets for a match. An alternative is to get a Bayern Munich tour. Just like most other big clubs in Europe, Bayern has a museum, and they also let you see the Allianz Arena which can be a tremendous experience.

On the tour, you go behind the scenes and you get to see several parts of the stadium. When attending the tour, you can go through the tunnel just like the players, you can see the field, you can go to the press conference area, and at last, you can enter the museum. The Bayern Munich museum includes many of the club’s trophies, and it has awesome exhibits related to Bayern’s history and many of its key players.

The tour if the football stadium typically takes 45 minutes. Bayern’s staff recommends that you set aside a bit over an hour for the museum.

The price for a full Bayern Munich tour (stadium + museum) is currently 19€ per person. A great price for such a great experience. It is open from 10 to 18 every day of the week, except on days where Bayern plays at home.

It is necessary to book in advance. You can do it online, either through the Bayern Museum site where you just get a general ticket, or through GetYourGuide where it costs a bit more, but where it includes a bus sightseeing tour of Munich and a guide that informs you about the city and the club.

1860 Munich

In other countries, a team playing in the third division might not be too interesting. But football is so popular in Germany that teams ranked in lower leagues are still widely supported. So 1860 Munich is still a highly interesting club – and as you might know, it is also a historic club that once won the Bundesliga.

1860 Munich plays at Grünwalder Stadion, a decent facility that was recently renovated. It has a capacity of 15,000. Since 1860 Munich has a decent amount of fans, it’s not always easy to get tickets – but it is possible. It is generally easier than getting Bayern tickets, so many football fans decide to go with 1860 if they want a football experience in Munich. Tickets are generally affordable, and the experience is authentic. 1860 is a small club compared to the Bundesliga squads, but it is a club with passion and

The stadium is separated into several zones. Some are reserved for season holders and fans. Coming in as a tourist, you can choose between tickets in 4 different zones. Prices vary from 16€ to 33€ with half price for kids under 13.

How do you get tickets? There are two ways:

  • Book at the 1860 Online Ticket Shop – click here
  • Send an email to and they will take care of it for you

Türkgücü München

This club was founded by the Turkish community in Munich. The club was founded as a merger in 2009, but the history dates back to 1975 when Türkischer SV 1975 München was created.

Türkgücü München plays in the 3rd Bundesliga alongside 1860 Munich. Something unique is that Türkgücü splits time between playing at the Olympiastadion in Munich and the Grünwalder which they share with 1860.

As you would expect, the club fields many Turkish-descended German players. However, it also has many ethnic Germans, as well as foreigners from various countries.

Over the last few decades, the club has – under various names – steadily risen across several minor leagues, so the ambitions keep getting higher. It is actually a very fun team to follow, so if you’re visiting Munich, you might want to attend a match.

This might be the easiest club in Munich to buy tickets from. Sometimes a bit expensive, though.

To buy tickets, simply go to the ticket portal of Türkgücü München’s website. You can also send a mail to to arrange details if that is easier.

Staying near Munich’s football clubs

Arena Stadt München is the closest hotel to Bayern München’s Allianz Arena. It’s also a modern hotel with nice facilities and friendly staff. Many tourists going on a football trip to Munich decide to stay here. So it’s a great option if you are traveling specifically to see Bayern – and there are also nice attractions near.

With that said, you can basically stay in any hotel in Munich and still get easily to the stadium. Just take the U-Bahn to either Fröttmaning or Kieferngarten – two stops that are both near the stadium.

The same applies if you want to visit 1860 Munich or Türkgücü München. You can easily go there with public transportation – get off at either Candidplatz or Wettersteinplatz to visit Grünwalder Stadion. Ibis München City Süd is a nice hotel if you want to stay as close as possible to 1860 Munich.


A football trip to Munich can be an awesome experience. Regardless of whether you wish to experience a giant club like Bayern Munich or a smaller one like 1860 or Türkgücü, you should have a great time. Munich is a city with an intense passion for football, and it also has many great cultural attractions. Enjoy your trip, and may your favorite team get the win!

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