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Best places to stay in Varna
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Widely known as Bulgaria’s seaside capital, Varna can be considered one of the best summer destinations in Europe. Situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, the city will welcome you to streets filled with history, a long promenade lined with bars and restaurants, and beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing and unwinding from daily life. 

If you are already planning to be vacationing in Bulgaria’s seaside capital this summer, you first need to choose where to stay in Varna. Keep reading as we are sharing the 4 best neighborhoods in the city, as well as the best hotels in Varna to choose from!  

Central Beach

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and opening up your window to the breathtaking scenery of the endless blue waters of the Black Sea. The second best is having the compulsory cup of coffee and a light continental breakfast for breakfast, followed by taking just a few steps from your hotel room and dipping your toes into the soft sand.

If this is how you imagine the perfect summer holiday, then you should stop wondering where to stay in Varna and head straight to the area around the Central Beach.

Something to have in mind, though, is this is the most popular district in Varna during the summer months so it is quite touristy and accommodations quickly book out. If you want to fully experience the vibe of the city, though, this is the place to be! The Central Beach area in Varna never sleeps as during the day. Tourists love to sunbathe, relax and swim in the sea, whereas in the evenings the bars and restaurants fill up with people looking forward to partying through the night.

Where to Stay at Central Beach? 

If you are a party animal and want to have quick and easy access to everything, then Hotel Panorama is the perfect hotel in Varna for your holiday. The rooms offer the ultimate relaxation experience through sophisticated design and deluxe amenities. There is a great outdoor swimming pool and a full gym center, however, we bet that you will not be using them, as you will be in a hurry to get to the beach, which is just a minute’s walk from your room. Make sure to book a room with a view towards the Marine Garden and the Bay.

Those looking for a bit of history can choose Hotel Belle Epoque instead– one of the top-rated hotels in Varna. As a small boutique hotel, there are only 16 available rooms, so we advise you to be quick if this is your choice where to stay in Varna. The building dates back to 1922, however, the entire hotel was completely renovated in 2018. The rooms will impress you with the clean and coastal design. 

Varna City Center

In almost every city in the world, staying at the heart of the city is the best and most convenient option. In Varna, however, the city center is only the second-best choice. Even still, visitors will be able to enjoy the hectic and lively pedestrian zone with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops. Despite the fact that the city center in Varna can be also considered as the old part of the city, you will find a great mixture of ancient and modern. Facades of beautiful old buildings blend together with more modern and contemporary office establishments. As the sun slowly sets behind the horizon, flocks of tourists speaking different languages fill up the streets of the city center in Varna. Visitors love to go on an evening stroll down the pedestrian zone, sit down and sip on a delicious summer cocktail or sit by the refreshing waters of the fountain. 

Where to Stay in Varna City Center? 

If you have decided that you want to be part of the hustle and bustle of Varna City Center, then you are probably wondering which are the best hotels to choose from.

The 4-star Golden Tulip Hotel is definitely among the best hotels in Varna to stay at. With its modern and contemporary style, it will offer you all the necessary amenities and facilities you could ask for. Despite being right at the heart of the city, you will find that the rooms and windows are well isolated so you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. It does not have a swimming pool, but with the nearest beach only 2km away, you wouldn’t miss it.

If you would like to treat yourself to something extra-special, then you should choose the Reverence Boutique Hotel. With its upscale and deluxe design, it is often considered a more business and professional-oriented type of accommodation. Even still, it is a fabulous choice if you are planning a family trip. The apartments are truly spectacular as each one of them has its own different interior style, yet they are designed with a focus on comfort and relaxation. 

Briz Neighborhood 

Slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the central areas of Varna, the Briz neighborhood is an excellent choice for family-friendly vacations. While the district is not at the heart of the city, it is still a very dynamic and modern area with various resorts and hotel complexes. You might be further away from the city center, however, you will find yourself much closer to the nearby Saint Constantine and Helena beach resort, which is known as the oldest resort on the Black Sea. Even if you are not renting a car, you will be able to catch one of the buses running daily between Varna and the nearby resort and treat yourself to a little day trip. As one of the best resorts in Bulgaria – Saint Constantine and Helena are definitely worth the journey as you will get to swim in the much cleaner waters there and walk along the pristine white sandy beaches. 

Where to Stay in Briz Neighborhood? 

Some of the best and most luxurious hotels in Varna are actually located in the Briz Neighborhood, so it is good to have in mind that budget-friendly options will be difficult to find in this area.

OPU Boutique Hotel is among our recommendations of where to stay in Varna because it will not only welcome you with a truly spectacular interior but the staff will also make you feel at home with their warmth and friendliness. All rooms are extremely spacious and air-conditioned, so you will find them comfortable and serene even during the hot summer days. You will love the complimentary breakfast, but it is the fantastic dinner menu, which will be a real treat for your taste buds. 

Despite the large number of beautiful hotels in Varna, visitors may find it challenging to find fabulous and luxurious 5-star accommodation. That is the reason why we strongly recommend Dallas Residence Hotel if you want to treat yourself to the ultimate holiday getaway. One glimpse of the exterior is enough to realize it resembles a Spanish villa, surrounded by tropical lush greenery. Hence, we wouldn’t be surprised if you prefer spending most of the time in the spacious garden enjoying the warm sunny days. Once you take a step inside your suite, though, you would definitely feel like a royal, as the apartments are designed in a fabulous Victorian style.


We bet that you are going to Varna to spend the long summer days sunbathing on the beach and dipping your toes in the refreshing waters of the Black Sea. For those of you who are dreaming of combining the sea with the forest, though, we strongly recommend Vladislavovo as your place where to stay in Varna. Located on the western side of the city, the quarter is also fairly close to the airport, which is always a convenience when trying to navigate your way around from the airport.

Do not worry, the district is not noisy or busy, on the contrarily – it is perfect for a family-friendly holiday, as it could be seen more of a residential area than a popular touristy location. As Varna was slowly growing through the years, the city was also expanding and that is how the quarter was born.

Despite being one of the most recent districts in Varna, Vladislavovo, however, has attracted a vast majority of the locals, who moved there tempted by the peace and quiet of the nearest forest. With lots of hiking trails, it is one of the local’s favorites during the weekends. People love to explore the green wilderness and admire the beautiful panoramas of the entire city from the top. 

Where to Stay in Vladislavovo? 

You might be already wondering if any of the beautiful and quiet hotels in Varna are situated in Vladislavovo.

While there might not be many, there is definitely one worth checking – Infinity Varna Sky. As you can already guess by its name, this small guest house will impress you with its fantastic scenery of the city skyline. Yes, there are just 2 double rooms, however, this is the perfect remote and secluded place to spend your family vacation. Complimentary breakfast with be waiting for you in the morning in the large outdoor garden with a barbecue and a small swimming pool. The hosts are extremely friendly and will do everything to make you feel like you are home. The small guesthouse of Infinity Varna Sky will definitely exceed your expectations and you will be able to create memories, which you will cherish long after you have gone back home.

Are you already dreaming of the hot summer days? Do you imagine yourself spending an entire day sunbathing on the beach and all night hitting the bars in Bulgaria’s Seaside capital? Before you jump on the plane, though, do not forget to book one of the fabulous hotels in Varna!

Preparation is everything when you want an unforgettable vacation. After reading our ultimate guide to where to stay in Varna, it should be easy to find the best neighborhood in Varna for you!

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