Where to Stay in Sofia, Bulgaria: An Overview of the Best Districts

Where to stay in Sofia
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As one of the least popular European capitals, Sofia is often left neglected by tourists. Don’t make the same mistake! The Bulgarian capital can surprise you with its unique historic atmosphere, traditional culture, and unique tourist attractions.

From strolling down the streets and admiring the outstanding combination of modern and ancient buildings, to immersing yourself in the fantastic vibe of the city, there are numerous reasons why you should add Sofia to your bucket list.

It might be just a relatively small city compared to the other large European capitals, however, the options for choosing the best hotels in Sofia seem to be endless. Depending on your needs, your budget, and your plans for exploring the city, you can choose from just a small room in a hostel to a large luxurious apartment in a boutique hotel.

Keep reading for the full list of suggestions on where to stay in Sofia. You will find the top 5 Sofia neighborhoods and the best accommodation options in each district!

Sofia City Center

It should be no surprise that we are starting our list of the best hotels in Sofia with the capital’s city center.

It is the unique fusion of ancient and modern, which makes the city center one of the best Sofia neighborhoods. Staying at accommodation in the Sofia City Center means waking up to stunning views of historic buildings, cobblestone streets and easily accessible coffee shops and restaurants. What is more, you will find fantastic tourist attractions, such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Palace of Culture, the Regional History Museum, St. George Rotunda and the iconic Vitosha Boulevard. 

Where to Stay at Sofia City Center? 

Located just a few steps away from the main pedestrian street – Vitosha Boulevard, Best Western Art Plaza Hotel is an excellent choice with its spacious rooms and fantastic amenities. While you can easily reach numerous tourist attractions, as well as the restaurants in the area, the hotel is situated on a quiet, narrow cobblestone street, which makes it perfect if you are planning a family trip and would prefer some peace and quiet after a long day of exploring the capital. 

If you are planning on treating yourself to a luxurious stay, you should definitely choose the 5-star Sense Hotel Sofia. While you will be quickly impressed by the deluxe rooms with a rich and elegant interior, it is the views of the city and the nearby Alexander Nevsky Cathedral that are second to none. Make sure to also stop for a drink by the unique rooftop bar. 

Quarter Zone B5

Despite its relatively strange name, Quarter Zone B5 is one of the best Sofia neighborhoods offering some fantastic accommodation options. The area is widely known for its close proximity to downtown Sofia, as well as the interesting architecture dating back to the 1980s. Similar to many other streets in Bulgaria, as you are strolling down, you will find an interesting combination of historic brick houses and new modern, futuristic-looking buildings.

Unfortunately, this area does not offer a wide variety of tourist attractions, however, it is extremely well connected to all areas of the capital through numerous buses and trams, as well as the underground system. If you are visiting during the warmer days of the spring or summer, you can easily reach Sofia city center on foot as well. 

Where to Stay at Quarter Zone B5?

One of the recent additions to contemporary hotels in Sofia is Hotel 36. The unique and exclusive design, with touches of minimalism, which creates a comforting and relaxing vibe is a real treat when coming back from an entire day of exploring the capital. While each room has its own character, all suits have fluffy carpets and rich curtains, contrasting to the soft colors of the furniture and walls. 

City Avenue Hotel is a 3-star hotel situated at the heart of the city and just a few steps away from one of the metro stations. Visitors will be greeted by a stylish and cozy atmosphere, which gives you the feeling of being home while being on a vacation and treating yourself to a comfortable and modern stay. Besides the chic piano bar and lobby area, visitors can unwind and relax in the beautiful urban garden part of the hotel’s amenities. 

Quarter Zone B5 is quite popular for having a very large number of luxurious apartments being offered through Airbnb so you might also want to check them out too.


Lozenets is one of the most prestigious and upscale residential neighborhoods of Sofia. The district is absolutely massive with the northern side bordering the capital’s downtown area. At first look, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of this overbuilt district. If you decide to allow yourself to just explore and get lost in between the narrow cobblestone streets, you will find trendy, hipster restaurants and cafes. You should also know that Lozenets is among the local’s favorites Sofia neighborhoods for going out. While the close proximity to a few metro stations and numerous public transportation stops seem like the perfect reason to choose Lozenets for your stay in Sofia, it is the huge South Park, which will welcome you with its peace and quiet, green areas and benches along the way when you decide to escape from the busy city life. 

Where to Stay at Lozenets? 

Not only of the best accommodation options in Lozenets but also one of the most popular hotels in Sofia – Hotel Marinela will welcome you with its modern design, world-class spa services, the tranquility of the unique Japanese Garden, and luxurious and spacious rooms. This hotel is not the cheapest, but you will be able to enjoy the 5-star amenities and services provided by the friendly staff. 

If you are traveling to Sofia on a budget, Meg-Lozenets Hotel might be the ideal place to stay in the Lozenets District. Considered as boutique accommodation, there are only 16 rooms, all designed in a vintage old-fashioned style. If you would like to treat your taste buds, you should also enjoy a fine-dining experience in the luxurious and chic atmosphere of the hotel’s restaurant.

Oborishte District

Those of you planning a family-friendly trip, and looking for the more peaceful and quiet Sofia neighborhoods, should consider staying at the Oboristhe District. Home to a large number of government buildings, embassies and ministries, Oboristhe is an aristocratic, upper-class residential district. The combination of narrow cobblestone streets, lined with historic buildings and chic cozy cafes and the beautiful green parks, give the area a quiet and relaxing vibe, perfect for strolling along and exploring. In addition to that, you will find yourself just a short walk away from the iconic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Hagia Sophia Church.

Where to Stay at Oborishte District?  

One important point to keep in mind before choosing Oborishte for your stay is that the most expensive hotels in Sofia are situated in this district. It is highly unlikely for you to be able to find budget-friendly accommodation in this part of the capital. If the hotel rate is not a concern of yours, though, you will be able to enjoy some of the most luxurious and opulent hotels in Sofia, such as Hyatt Regency Sofia and Hotel Crystal Palace Boutique

The Hyatt Regency Sofia is a 5-star hotel situated at the heart of the city, just next to Vasil Levsky Square and a short walk from Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Both the exterior and interior will impress you with the modern and clean design, while the wellness center will allow you to treat yourself to an afternoon of relaxing spa treatments. 

Set in a unique building with a combination of modern and historic,  Hotel Crystal Palace Boutique, is located on a narrow cobblestone street overlooking the beautiful, green Doctor’s Garden. Inside you will find elegantly designed deluxe rooms, a cozy lobby, and a sophisticated restaurant. 

Boyana District

Last but definitely not least on our list of places where to stay in Sofia, is Boyana District. Nestled at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, Boyana District is by far the most expensive and extravagant Sofia neighborhood. Widely referred to as the Orange County of Bulgaria, the district is home to rich and luxurious three-store mansions. Located 8 km away from Sofia City Center, you will find yourself not only in the outskirts of the city but also in between the rich forests of the mountains.

Boyana District is the perfect location for people who enjoy the peace and quiet of Mother Nature, and those who are planning on hitting the hiking paths of Vitosha Mountain. The medieval Boyana Church, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated in this part of the city is also calling all culture lovers! 

Where to Stay at Boyana District? 

If you are looking for a place, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the tranquility of Vitosha Mountain, the small 3-star Hotel Villa Boyana might be the perfect choice for you. The spacious rooms will greet you with their charming vibe, while the balconies and the large summer terrace are the perfect spots for the guests to experience and admire the beautiful mountain views. 

Located just a 3-minutes walk away from the unique Boyana Church, All Seasons Residence Hotel is one of the most picturesque hotels in Sofia. The modern and charming 5-start boutique hotel is the ultimate nature retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The deluxe rooms and suites are beautifully decorated in a contemporary style, with balconies opening up to the panoramic views of the mountains. The stylish restaurant is also a must-visit for the ultimate fine-dining experience with mouth-watering dishes accompanied by signature cocktails. 


Are you still wondering where to stay in Sofia? Which one of the above-mentioned Sofia neighborhoods sounds best to you and you would love to explore? Have you already chosen one of the luxurious hotels in Sofia, or would you prefer a budget-friendly option?

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