Where to Stay in Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Best Hotels

Where to Stay in Plovdiv
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With a history dating as far back as 6000 BC, Plovdiv is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. It is not just the unique history, which attracts people from all over the world to visit Plovdiv every year. It is the narrow alleys, lined with colorful houses and the artistic cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering traditional Bulgarian dishes! So we are not surprised if you are ready to pack your bags and embark on this truly unique journey through culture and traditions. 

From the colorful and vibrant districts to the narrow cobblestone streets in the peaceful and quiet Plovdiv neighborhoods, the city has a bit of everything. Depending on the purpose of your stay and if you are traveling to experience the city as the locals do or if you are planning a family-friendly vacation, you will be able to choose the perfect district for you. Keep reading as we are sharing not only the best Plovid neighborhoods, but also the best places to stay in Plovdiv. 


It might translate to “The Trap”, however, Kapana is one of the trendiest and most vibrant Plovdiv neighborhoods. As you are strolling down the cobblestone streets lined with colorful and funky cafes and restaurants, it will be difficult to believe that just until a few years ago, this was an area of old, broken and crumbling buildings. Nowadays, however, the main pedestrian street is a favorite among both locals and tourists with its artistic and creative vibe. Regardless if you are a foodie enthusiast or an art lover, Kapana is definitely one of the best places to stay in Plovdiv. The mornings are slow with a pleasant aroma of the coffee, the days are vibrant and colorful and the nights are filled with music and lights. 

Where to Stay in Kapana? 

We bet that Kapana has already grabbed your attention and you are looking forward to packing your bags and experiencing the unique atmosphere of the neighborhood. Before you head there, though, we also need to cover, which are the best accommodations options in Kapana! 

Keep in mind that you will not find luxurious 5-start hotels in Kapana. Both of our suggestions, though, are extremely elegant boutique 3-star hotels, which deserve your attention. Hotel Dafi offers a number of accommodation options – from standard double rooms to deluxe studios to choose from. You can be sure that each room, however, will welcome you with comfort, cleanliness and tranquility and will allow you to take the necessary rest after a long day of exploring the city. In a similar manner, Old Plovdiv House is a fantastic choice, if you are planning on spending most of your days out immersing yourselves in the charming city of Plovdiv. The hotel is not only situated on one of the main pedestrian streets in Kapana, but it is also just a 10-minute walk from the iconic old town. 

Plovdiv Old Town

Narrow cobblestone streets, colorful historic buildings and an ancient Roman theater are only some of the reasons why the Old Town is one of the best Plovdiv neighborhoods. Wandering through the small alleys, allowing yourself to get lost and be surprised with an even more interesting and unique find on every corner is what makes the experiences of the old town so special. This unique district is an open-air museum, which will take you on an architectural and historical journey through time. You will find interesting museums and craft shops along the streets, which are worth stopping by, so make sure to give yourself enough time to fully immerse yourself into the charming Plovdiv Old Town. 

Where to stay in Plovdiv Old Town? 

Similar to Kapana District, visitors should keep in mind that there are no luxurious 5-star hotels in the old part of the city, as they cannot blend with the rest of the atmosphere. Instead, visitors will find small guesthouses with friendly and happy owners, who will welcome you straight into their houses and will prepare some traditional Bulgarian dishes for you! 

Boutique Hostel Old Plovdiv is one of the best places to stay in Plovdiv. Do not get fooled by the name, this is a unique boutique hotel at hostel rates! It features just 9 spacious rooms, however, each one of them is carefully furnished and decorated with antiques, creating a truly charming 19th-century feel. The hotel’s cozy terrace is another fantastic bonus, where you will be able to enjoy your delicious breakfast every morning. 

If you prefer the more modern and contemporary feel, then you should book your stay at Hill House Plovdiv. Visitors will find this small guesthouse, just 500 meters away from the Amphitheater on quiet and peaceful narrow streets. With deluxe double rooms and private family suits, this hotel is an excellent choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway, as well as family-friendly vacations.  The hotel also features its own winery and booking a special wine tasting and trying some of the best Bulgarian wines is a must-do! 

Kyuchuk Parish

One of the most interesting and unique Plovdiv neighborhoods is Kyuchuk Parish. The name of the district translates as the “Little Paris” and it is the perfect option for people looking for a more secluded district or families traveling with their little ones. As you are strolling down the streets of  Kyuchuk Parish, you will wonder where did this name come from, because it does not look anything like the French Capital. There is quite an interesting story behind it! A massive tower, the tallest in Plovdiv at the time was constructed as part of one of the factories in the neighborhood during the 1940s. The new structure resembled the Eiffel Tower quite a lot and the locals started calling the district “Little Paris”. Eighty years later, the tower has long been destroyed, but the neighborhood kept its historic name and this story is still alive as shared from one generation to another. 

Where to stay in Kyuchuk Parish? 

As one of the Southern Districts of Plovid, Kyuchuk Parish is more of a residential district, however, there are a number of great options for places to stay at. 

Situated on one of the quietest and peaceful streets not only in Kyuchuk Parish, but the entire city, Intelcoop is one of the best places to stay in Plovdiv. The friendly staff will greet you with a smile, while the spacious rooms will welcome you with a modern and comfortable feel. After spending an entire day exploring Plovdiv, you will definitely want to pay a visit to the fantastic restaurant and check out the food menu with a wide range of traditional Bulgarian and international dishes. 

The history buffs and those who are looking for a more authentic and traditional vibe, on the other hand, can book their stay at Chalukova House. This small guesthouse is a fabulous combination of a museum and accommodation both at the same time. Every piece of furniture in the guesthouse is carefully chosen to demonstrate the Bulgarian heritage and traditions. 

Rowing Canal Plovdiv

The Rowing Canal is more of a sports complex than one of the actual Plovdiv neighborhoods. This, however, does not mean that you should completely neglect it when you are choosing where to stay in Plovdiv. Stretching for 2200 meters length and 120 meters width, the channel is the largest sports facility of such kind in the Balkans. With numerous events taking place throughout the year, visitors who are planning a trip to Plovdiv from spring to autumn can expect to witness some interesting rowing championships straight from their balconies.

One of the main advantages of staying by the Rowing Canal is the peace and quiet of the area. The sports complex is part of a Recreation and Culture Park, which features numerous walking alleys and endless green fields. From going on a quick jogging session early in the morning to a pleasant afternoon picnic, it is up to you to decide how to experience the tranquility of this area. 

Where to stay in Rowing Canal Plovdiv? 

The Rowing Canal in Plovdiv is not one of the most popular districts where you can stay in Plovdiv and there are only a limited number of hotels to choose from. The Landmark Creek Hotel & Spa is definitely among the best hotels in Plovdiv, though. As one of the most recent developments in the city, the hotel has managed to combine the picturesque and peaceful scenery of the park with a luxurious and modern design. During the warm sunny months, visitors can take advantage of the fantastic outdoor swimming pool, while the cold winter days are calling for cozying up by the fire after a long wellness treatment in the world-class spa center. 

If you are looking for something less pretentious and more budget-friendly, which will still give you peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should book a stay at The Hotel Ostrova. Literally translating as “The Island” this hotel will make you feel like you have found a small hidden paradise, surrounded by the lush greenery of the park and the peaceful waters of the rowing canal. Visitors will find fantastic services, such as a massive outdoor swimming pool, a fantastic spa center and a cozy restaurant offering traditional Bulgarian dishes, which will impress you with their divine taste and flavors. 


Would you love to dive into the hustle and bustle of the city and become part of the continuously buzzing atmosphere, or do you prefer to immerse yourselves into the peace and quiet and escape from the busy daily life? Which one of the above-mentioned best places to stay in Plovdiv would you choose?

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