Benefits of Solo Travel: Good Reasons to Travel Alone!

Solo travel can seem scary and intimidating. For some people, it is the only option to explore the world. For others, it is simply a preference. The bottom line is that there are many solid benefits of solo travel, no matter how we look at it. Some of those benefits are more freedom, more choices and more self-realization.

Everyone should try a solo trip at least once. If you’ve always traveled with friends or family, going somewhere alone can be a drastic change. But it is a unique experience – so let’s have a look at all the benefits!

Full freedom

Most people value freedom highly – for good reason.

And when you travel solo, you really have full freedom. Every choice is yours. Destination, accommodation, time, food, attractions, everything. You don’t have to argue with your friends about where to eat or with your family about what to do. You can plan your trip exactly as you like it, and that is a huge benefit.

Easier to meet new people

As a solo traveler, you will most certainly put more emphasis on meeting new people.

That also makes it easier. You’re not locked into a group of your own, so instead, you’ll have to talk to strangers. These strangers can hopefully turn into friends. Many people who travel alone decide to stay in hostels, they might couch surf, attend meetups, or might use some online ways of connecting with others. Overall, it’s easier to make new friends when it’s just you.

Change plans whenever you want

Another benefit is that you can easily change your plan when needed.

So if you want to do that impulsive day trip, if you want to change to another hotel, or if you want to change the entire itinerary of your trip, you don’t have to ask or agree with anyone else – you can simply do it.

It is nice and comfy when a trip is planned in advance, but if you love adventure, it can also be nice with some uncertainty and putting your intuition into good use. If that is your thing, traveling alone definitely makes sense.

Save some money

It can go both ways with money. On one hand, if you travel with a partner, you can split the cost of the hotel room or the holiday apartment. But there’s something else to take into account – when we travel alone, we tend to make more economic decisions.

For instance, many solo travelers choose hostels over hotels. Many are more inclined to buy street food instead of eating at a restaurant. Solo travelers can focus on the attractions of interest, rather than paying for entries simply because co-travelers want to see something else. So overall, it is possible to save some money by traveling alone.

Get to know yourself

There’s no better way to get to know yourself than by traveling alone. You will certainly put yourself through several tests along the way. And even though that might seem scary, it also brings huge benefits.

First of all, you will have to navigate the foreign streets on your own. You will also have to socialize without depending on anyone else. If something goes wrong along the way, you’re the one who stands with the ultimate responsibility for yourself. You will get to know yourself, your weaknesses, and your strengths.

Many people are sheltered from reality nowadays. Solo travel is a nice way to break out of the bubble and add some grit to your personality.

Learn new skills along the way

Naturally, you learn many skills when you travel. This also happens when you travel with others. But it is the extra responsibility that will allow you to take more initiative when going solo. When meeting people, you will probably be more inclined to try new things. At least that’s what happens to most people when they hit the road on their own.

Boost your confidence

In the end, traveling alone can really boost your confidence. It gives a great deal of satisfaction, and it brings purpose. Instead of sitting at home, you get a feeling that you’re actually living life, which means so much.

Confidence is something we get from new experiences, from responsibility and from accomplishments. Traveling isn’t a shortcut by any means, but it is one way to become more confident in yourself and in your own skills. The more you see, learn and do, the better you also feel about yourself.

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