Where to Stay in Los Angeles – Best Areas & Hotels

Where to stay in Los Angeles

With world-class beaches, crisp mountain peaks, and an abundance of activities to do within the city, Los Angeles has everything you need to enjoy yourself truly. However, you are human and can not tour Rodeo Drive or L.A. Live for 24 hours straight. This is where knowledge of specific areas and hotels come in.

If you are a tourist, this may seem a little daunting, considering the congestion and urbanized nature. Fortunately, in this article, we will do our best to show you great places and the best lodgings to rest your mind and body from the California sun. 


Widely known for being the entertainment capital of Los Angeles and a frequented stop for celebrities, it should be of no surprise that Hollywood is a place in Los Angeles that is worth your stay. Although you may not be in an area that is conducive for people looking for peace and quiet, being near the cities best bars and nightclubs will definitely make up for that. However, there is a particular place in Hollywood that most notably triumphs all, and if you can afford it will definitely make your stay in this section of Los Angeles one that you will never forget. 

Modeled after the Chateau d’Amboise, a widely known manor house in France, the Chateau Marmont has been catering to Hollywood celebrities for nearly 80 years. Designed by Arnold A Weitzmann and William Douglas Lee, the hotel has been both a long term- and short term residence for many in the entertainment industry trying to seek solace from the demands of the public and paparazzi. With 63 bedrooms, suites, bungalows, and cottages, what was once thought of as a place exclusively for the rich and famous is actually open to the general public.

Besides being in one of the better areas of Los Angeles, the Chateau Marmont offers many amenities that will make your stay worth it. Some of these include a heated outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, 24-7 housekeeping, and of course, the chance of seeing your favorite actor. All of this luxury does not come cheap, however. If you plan on staying a night here at the Chateau, be prepared to pay prices that are as high as $500 for a single bedroom. If you are really looking to pamper yourself, suites, penthouses, and hillside/ poolside bungalows will range anywhere from $1,000 to as high as $5,000…..per night!

Accessing this hotel is relatively easy as you can either take the 405 or 101 and exit onto Sunset Blvd. Once you are roughly halfway, look out for a castle-like structure, or more natural look for a street called Marmont Lane.   

Downtown Los Angeles 

What was once a worn down, gloomy section of the region, Downtown Los Angeles has shown that it can not only remove arbitrary labels that were once prevalent but also remodel itself as a top place to stay. With billions of dollars going into revitalization, the downtown region of Los Angeles has now rivaled neighboring areas in terms of quality and entertainment value.

With venues like La Live resurging as an entertainment destination and notable historical landmarks such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Bradbury Building, you will be centered right in the middle of it all. Even more important than touring the locality is choosing a place to stay and fortunately you won’t be disappointed. With a mixture of affordable and expensive options to choose from the downtown Los Angeles region is perfect for those who want to save or splurge. A great place that you should strongly consider staying at is the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown.

Rated as one of the best hotels in Los Angeles by U.S. News and earning a certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor, the Intercontinental Hotel is unlike any other in the area.

Besides being nothing short of luxury, the location gives a commanding view of Los Angeles, superseding that of the Griffith Observatory and Getty Center. Located right off of Wilshire Blvd near the Financial District, the Interncontinental’s 73 stories of rooms, suites, and clubs are definitely worth investigating.

If you want to book a place, be prepared to pay, on average, about 236 dollars while suites will range anywhere from 293 to 500 dollars per night.

Santa Monica

Although not in the city of Los Angeles, Santa Monica is an area in which you should consider staying. Not only are you near the beach and some of the more affluent communities, but you will be able to find great places to eat, shop efficiently, and entertain.

Everyone is familiar with the Santa Monica Pier and the activities that can be done there. However, Third Street Promenade, a more affordable Rodeo Drive, is also a great place to add on your list of destinations. The reason for this is that not only does it have great places to shop, but unlike your traditional mall, everything is out in the open. Essentially, it is a street that has been converted into a shopping center with an added touch of street performances such as hip-hop dancing and your occasional jazz and guitar artists.

Having spent the day touring the area and indulging in the many activities that are available such as the Pier and beach, you will definitely be reasonably tired. With an abundance of lodgings to choose from, it can be quite daunting if you are new to the area. Fortunately, from a purely convenience standpoint, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalow will be a wise choice to make.

Located on 101 Wilshire Boulevard and overlooking the Pacific Ocean is arguably Santa Monica’s best hotel. With 297 guest rooms, suites, and bungalows, the Fairmont Miramar is a great location to choose from. For as low as $373 a night, guests can book a guest room while signature bungalows can be booked for around $730. Amenities, which cost about $35 per day, include internet access, a fitness center, and pool access. Children and teens can also are well accommodated as the hotel offers both a play area for those ages 4-12 and a movie theatre for those aged 13+.

Much like any luxury hotel, the Fairmont Miramar offers excellent dining. One part that should be mentioned is the FIG Restaurant. Considered as one of Santa Monica’s best places to wine and dine, the restaurant has made a name for itself by serving food that has been locally grown by farmers, fisheries, and ranchers. Besides this, the hotel also offers 24-hour dining just in case you missed dessert.         

Beverly Hills

Home to numerous Hollywood stars, luxury hotels, and of course Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills has been considered one of L.A. county’s top cities. Named after Beverly, Massachusetts, Beverly Hills comes from very humble beginnings. The area, which was owned called Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas initially, for its water, has changed hands numerously from Spanish settlers to Anglos from other parts of the city and the East Coast.

However, it was in the 20th century that Beverly Hills was becoming more of a residence and playground for the rich and famous. In the ’50s, the region became home to notables such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, President Nixon, and more contemporary Jennifer Aniston. Geographically, most of the residents live in the flats region of the city while more of the widely known homes such as the Greystone Mansion is in and near the Trousdale Estates Region. If you are a visitor, I am assuming you are not going to buy real estate but are more into the lodgings Beverly Hills has to offer, and fortunately, the town does not disappoint. 

One great hotel that has been connected to the city’s rich history is the Beverly Hills Hotel. One of the most widely known lodgings in the world, the hotel has been directly associated with Hollywood, bringing in countless stars and celebrities. Established in 1912 by Margaret Anderson, a wealthy businesswoman, the hotel has since then been occupied by current and former people of influence.

From the likes of Charlie Chapin to our current U.S. President Donald Trump, the hotel has been a playground for the rich and famous. However, do not let this intimidate you because the Beverly Hills Hotel is actually open to anyone, and you do not have to have an “access card” to get in our some sort of“social proof.” Starting as low as $591 per night, guests who decide to stay here will have not only world-class service but also great restaurants and bars to choose from. Not only this, but the hotel also offers babysitting and dog-walking services, limousines, and healthcare services. However, the most underrated aspect of this experience is the chance of not only walking in the steps of prominent figures but also the realization that they are no different than you and I.

Bel Air 

Located right next to Beverly Hills is also one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and that is Bel-Air. Popularized by famous television shows such as “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” and “Beverly Hillbillies,” the town has much to offer, especially for those looking for an excellent place to stay. Named after Alphonzo Bell, a multi-millionaire and world-class tennis player, the community, much like it’s surrounding neighbors, has been a place widely frequented by prominent, wealthy, and famous people. However, as someone visiting the region, you are probably looking for a place to retreat too that is secluded and of course, luxurious.

Right off of Stone Canyon Road is one of the region’s better lodgings. At 5-stars and hidden away in the multitude of upscale mansions and wooded hills is the Hotel Bel-Air.

Opening in 1946, the hotel has been providing elegance to its guests for nearly 75 years. If you decide to venture to this place, you will immediately feel the secluded nature of it, which is quite liberating considering the heavy toll the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles can cause. Knowing this, the staff of Hotel Bel-Air are very accommodating and are well aware of your needs. With relaxing spas, 4000 different plants, and 483 specimens of trees, it is more fitting to consider this lodging a retreat than a hotel.

Much like our previous hotels, the Hotel Bel-Air is pricy with a room costing around $630 and spaces near the elegant Swan Lake, costing nearly $3000. However, it is definitely worth it as the hotel has been raved by many and is quite popular among those in Hollywood. It also will make your stay here in the City Of Angels, one that you will never forget. 


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