Spain ranks as the second most visited country in the world. The wonderful beaches of Costa del Sol are attracting millions, and cities such as Barcelona and Madrid will always remain popular. But don’t forget about the many islands that are also worth visiting. In recent years, the northern green coast is also gaining in popularity. Here on Scope Trip, you can read countless travel guides related to Spain – and you’ll find them right here.

Zaragoza Travel Guide

Zaragoza Travel Guide

Zaragoza is located in northeastern Spain, approximately midway between Madrid and Barcelona. It’s a historic city with many classic attractions. At the same time, Zaragoza isn’t anywhere near as full of tourists as so many other destinations in Spain. You can easily visit Zaragoza as a day trip when you’re staying in Madrid or Barcelona. …

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Train travel in Spain

Train Travel in Spain

As one of the largest countries in Europe – and the second most visited – there is no doubt that Spain as an important travel destination. Most people come in by air, but once you’re in Spain, it makes sense to take the train to get around. Here is a guide to train travel in …

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