Where to Stay in Huelva, Spain – Let’s Go Through The Best Areas of Huelva

Where to stay in Huelva Spain

Huelva is a hidden gem in southwestern Spain. Despite the fact that Huelva isn’t the largest city of the region, it certainly has a rich history and it offers warm weather for the majority of the year. Are you trying to find out where to stay in Huelva? Check out the recommendations listed in this article.

Another benefit of visiting Huelva is that accommodation is very affordable. The city does not get as many tourists as neighboring cities Seville and Cádiz, so the prices are much fairer. However, it is still important to find a nice and comfortable place to stay, preferably in a central or otherwise attractive area.

We have visited the city and we looked into the best areas to stay in Huelva. You will find in-depth descriptions and hotel recommendations in each area below.

Centro Histórico

If you are visiting Huelva to experience the culture and the history of the city, there is only one real option – staying in the historic city centre.

This area is known as Centro Histórico in Spanish. There are plenty of hotels in this area and it also offers fascinating attractions. The most noteworthy of them are the Christopher Columbus statue, the Monja Square, the Cathedral and the bullfighting arena.

There are also countless cafés, restaurants and regular shops in the historic centre of Huelva. The area is relatively compact, so you can easily walk from one place to another. If you need taxis, they are somewhat cheap to ride with, and buses regularly depart to the other important areas of Huelva. Most people get into the city via the train station, which is located southeast of the historic centre – an area that we will get to later.

Overall, the historic centre of Huelva is the best area to stay for most visitors. By sleeping in this part of the city, you have easy access to everything and you will truly get to feel the vibe of the city.

Best hotel in Huelva Centro Histórico: Exe Tartessos – Book here

The best hotel in the historic centre of Huelva is most certainly the Tartessos. This 4-star hotel has stylish and elegant rooms with plenty of space. It has a modern Spanish style, despite being located in such a traditional area.

You have many different room types to choose from – if you are going solo, a standard room will suffice, but there are also family rooms and suites for those who want to splurge. The rooms are air-conditioned (very important during the summer) and the bathrooms are impressive. Toiletries are given every day. The breakfast buffet has some decent food, especially the bread and the ham. There is a nice gym at the hotel for those who want to exercise. Wi-Fi and TV-access is included in the price.

Prices begin around 40 EUR per night in the offseason and around 80 EUR in the high season. Book in advance to be sure of getting a room. This is (in our opinion) the best hotel in Huelva so it should be the main choice for most visitors.

Reina Victoria/Station Area

Perhaps you want to stay outside the historic centre, but still within the centre of the modern bounds of Huelva. If so, the Reina Victoria neighborhood is a solid choice. This is where the train station is located, so it makes sense for practical reasons, and there are a few modern hotels in the area.

The historic centre is just a short walk away. On top of that, there are some unique attractions that are actually located in this area. That includes the Columbus house and the Huelva Museum. The large department store El Corte Inglés is also located in this area, so it is great for shopping. If you want to visit the football stadium or the pier, you just have to turn southwest from this area.

Culturally interested travelers can consider this area. For practical reasons, the Reina Victoria/Station Area is great for those who take a short trip to Huelva and want to be near the train station in order to quickly visit the next city. There are regular connections to other Andalusian cities and towns in the vicinity of Huelva. Buses also depart to outer areas of the city.

Best hotel in Reina Victoria: NH Luz Huelva – Book here

The NH chain of hotels is present in most Spanish cities and that includes Huelva. In this case, the hotel is located in the modern city centre. It is located right in front of the Huelva Museum and the train station is just a few hundred meters south. In other words, it has an awesome location so if you want things to be practical, this is where to stay.

The quality of the NH Luz is also quite impressive. It is a 4-star hotel with all the amenities needed. All rooms are modern and comfy. NH Luz does not have any suites, but all the standard rooms are more than spacious, so you get a lot for your money. Each room has a private bathroom. Breakfast is served in the morning as an open buffet – on top of the bread, fruits and coffee, this hotel has a lot of sweets at the breakfast buffet. At night you can visit either the on-site restaurant or the cocktail bar. There is parking available at the hotel, but you might have to book your spot in advance.

Prices are more than reasonable. The NH Luz is slightly more expensive than most other hotels in Huelva, but you get more for the money, and prices are still well below the price tag of hotels in larger Spanish cities. To get the best deal, book your stay in advance right here.

La Rábida

La Rábida is located south of the city centre, on the other side of the Río Tinto. This part of the city is home to the Rábida Monastery where Christopher Columbus once lived. Another great attraction in the area is Muelle de las Carabelas, an open-air exhibition with impressive replicas of Columbus’ ships.

The main reason to stay in La Rábida is to experience the history of the area. It is a nice and beautiful area, and you get to see the place where Columbus lived. There are some campuses in La Rábida, so students and young people are present, although there aren’t too many entertainment facilities. So aside from visiting the historic attractions and enjoying the unique area, there isn’t too much to do. It is the kind of area where you stay for one or two nights to get the experience.

Best hotel in La Rábida: Hotel Santa María – Book here

This is the only hotel in the area. Thankfully, it is a good one. Hotel Santa María is located near the Rábida Monastery and it actually has a view of the river and the city.

The rooms are very simple and traditionally Spanish. Don’t expect any luxury – but do expect an authentic stay for a very low price. You get what is needed and not much more. A room with a bed, private bathroom, great service, and a location near some historic sights. Arrange your booking here!

Punta Umbría

Punta Umbría is a beach town located just a few kilometers south of Huelva’s city centre. Most locals consider it a suburb to Huelva, and it is seen as the resort of the city.

There are a long, beautiful beaches with golden sand in the area. The main one – and most central one – is Playa de Punta Umbría. Further north you will find the Enebrales and La Bota beaches, they are basically all situated on the same stretch facing the Gulf of Cádiz.

As you would expect, there are many restaurants and bars near the beaches in Punta Umbría. There are plenty of hotels as well, and many of them are quite nice, yet still affordable.

Punta Umbría is certainly the place to stay if you want to experience the beaches of the region and be near the water. The weather is very good for most parts of the year. So if you are trying to escape the cold weather of your home country, Punta Umbría will be a great choice. It is a very underrated area with great beaches and a cool vibe all year round. And as mentioned earlier, the central parts of Huelva are just a few kilometers away. It is ideal to stay in Punta Umbría for a longer trip – where you can take day trips into the city and to other towns in the vicinity.

Best hotel in Punta Umbría: Barceló Beach Resort – Book here

There are several good options near the Punta Umbría beach but we generally prefer the Barceló Beach Resort. It is also the highest rated hotel in the area among other Booking.com users.

It is a very comfortable hotel with plenty of facilities. That includes a massive outdoor swimming pool, smaller pools both inside and outside, a gaming/entertainment area, a romantic terrace, multiple on-site restaurants, six bars, a spa and some great workout facilities that include an interesting outdoor gym section.

The facilities are certainly the best part of the hotel, but the rooms are nice as well. There is more focus on comfort than decorations, but that actually suits most guests just fine. The Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort is the place to go for a comfortable and relaxing stay in great surroundings. Prices are among the highest in Huelva but still very reasonable – there are regular rooms for those who want the best deal, while suites and larger rooms are available for those who need a bit extra.

Make your booking with the Barceló Beach Resort here!

Isla Cristina

There are other nice coastal areas west of Huelva. Some of the best ones are Isla Cristina, Isla Canela and Islantilla. You can pick any of these to stay in, and you will have a great vacation, but we first and foremost recommend Isla Cristina due to the good location and the beautiful surroundings.

By staying in this area of the province of Huelva, you will be near some of the most underrated natural attractions in Spain. That includes the beaches of Gaviota, Haraganes, Isla de Canela, Playa Central and Casita Azul. But the highlight is perhaps Marisma de la Isla Cristina – the protected wetland area just north of the coastline. There are camping facilities all over the area. Many Spanish families go to this area on vacation.

The area is ideal for campers, hikers, fishers, golfers and all types of nature enthusiasts. Of course, you can also visit Isla Cristina or one of the adjacent coastal towns in the Huelva Province if you want an idyllic beach vacation without the large crowds that you encounter in other Iberian destinations.

Best accommodation in Isla Cristina: Occidental – Book here

Officially named Occidental Isla Cristina, but often referred to as just the Occidental, this hotel is the best in town. There are plenty of holiday apartments near the beach – and they are also very comfortable – but if you want a hotel with full service, this is the one to pick.

It is located in the southern end of the Isla Cristina town and therefore very close to the beach. You have all sorts of facilities on site. The hotel is quite large in size, and it has an extremely well-designed exterior with a nice pool and palm trees outside. You truly get the feeling of being on vacation. The buffet/dining area is huge. The hotel bar offers entertainment every night. The garden of the hotel has a playground and facilities for families with children.

When it comes to rooms, there are traditional hotel rooms – but there are also full apartments. You still get the great service, regardless of which one you choose. Try to get a room/apartment with a balcony since those are the best. You can book a specific room in advance or get upgraded upon arrival. We consider it to be one of the best hotels in the Huelva province. There is a fair bit of distance into the city of Huelva – about 40 minutes of driving – but the natural attractions in this part of the province is unbeaten. And for that reason, many tourists decide to stay at the Occidental Isla Cristina. Make your booking here!


And with that, we will round off the article. It has been a pleasure to describe the best areas of Huelva. The historic city centre is best for those of you who wish to experience culture and shopping, while the outer beach areas of the Huelva province are amazing for those who want a relaxing vacation by the coast.

The great thing about Huelva is that the entire province is very affordable to visit. The amount of international tourists is low – most decide to go for the eastern parts of Andalusia or the Algarve coast of Portugal. That leaves this amazing province right in the middle to those of us who are in-the-know. And for now, we can enjoy Huelva without the big crowds!

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