Why You Should Visit Mexico in 2022

Why you should visit Mexico
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Mexico is one of the most interesting countries in the world, and over the last few years it has also been one of the most open countries to tourism. Here are all the reasons why you should visit Mexico in 2022 and beyond.

Few entry requirements

Throughout 2021, tourists could visit Mexico without any specific entry requirements. It was not necessary to take a PCR test or show any kind of Covid pass to enter the country – visitors simply had to fill an online form before arrival and have their regular passport (and potentially visa) in order.

This was in stark contrast to other countries around the world who had much stricter and oftentimes unreasonable entry requirements for tourists.

While we cannot predict the future, Mexico has been one of the most open and tourist-friendly countries during the Covid crises thus far, and if Mexico continues with its relaxed measures, it will rank as one of the most attractive destinations worldwide and that is certainly one of the best reasons to visit.

Plenty of destinations

Mexico is a country with a lot of diversity in culture, customs and nature.

It has wonderful beaches on both the Gulf coast and the Pacific coast. There are lots of resorts that are intended for international tourists and that are completely safe to visit. You will always meet plenty of Americans in places such as Cabo, Playa del Carmen, Cancún and Puerto Vallarta.

Then there are the big cities for those who want a cultural experience: Mexico City is one of the largest cities on the globe, but other cities such as Guadalajara, Puebla and Monterrey are also quite fascinating.

And for those with an interest in history, destinations such as Mérida, Veracruz, San Cristóbal de las Casas and Oaxaca are must-visit places.

So overall, there are plenty of destinations to choose from, and every type of tourist should be able to find a suiting holiday spot in Mexico.

Amazing food

Mexican cuisine is popular around the world and has a great reputation. If you take a trip to Mexico, you can try the most authentic dishes of your life. You will also have the opportunity to try those Mexican dishes that haven’t spread to the rest of the world yet. Everybody knows burritos and tacos, but Mexican cuisine has so much more to offer, and there’s no better way of experiencing the food than actually being in the country!

Improve your Spanish

Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn world-wide. Millions of people are learning Spanish while you are reading this.

Some learn it as a hobby, while others learn it for practical reasons. Regardless, if you learn to speak Spanish, you will be able to communicate with almost all of Latin America, plus Spain and various other countries around the world.

Mexico is the country that has the largest Spanish speaking population, so it is a great place to go if you wish to learn Spanish, or if you are already in the process of learning and want to test your skills. You can attend a language school in Mexico, or you can just go there and talk to people. It is almost impossible not to learn some Spanish if you spend time in Mexico!

Make that trip you have been waiting for

Let’s face it, the last few years have been frustrating, and most people have not had a proper vacation during this time. Many of us are hungry to re-experience the world, and hopefully we get a legitimate opportunity to do that in 2022.

If you have been waiting to do a big, life-changing journey, why not go to Mexico? It is one of the most interesting countries in the world from a cultural and culinary viewpoint, plus it is one of the most accessible countries at the moment (if not the most accessible).

Did this article inspire you to go to Mexico? Then don’t miss our practical guides to the most popular Mexican destinations!

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