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Where to stay in Strasbourg France
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Strasbourg is a wonderful city to visit. It has a rich history and so many classic attractions. On top of that, you will find charming restaurants and cafés on almost every corner. In other words, Strasbourg is a city where you can easily spend a week or two. But don’t forget to find the right accommodation.

In this article, you will get a quick guide on where to stay in Strasbourg. We’ll describe the best districts of the city and give a few hotel recommendations. Finally, you will also get some general tips for your trip to Strasbourg so you can get the best vacation possible!

Let’s get started.

Best areas in Strasbourg

Most travelers wish to be staying in a central and safe place with many attractions and dining options nearby. We assume this is exactly what you are looking for as well, and if that is the case, all of the following areas of Strasbourg should be appealing!

Staying in the district of La Petite France gives you the most authentic and cultural experience. It’s a historic district with traditional Alsatian houses, and it used to be where the fishermen and millers worked. It’s a charming area with beautiful surroundings: Cobblestoned streets are common, and you will spot flowers everywhere. It’s a slow-paced area, but don’t worry – it has a central location, so you can easily walk over to other parts of the city when you want to shop or have some drinks.

If shopping and eating out are your favorite things to do, we advise you to stay near Place Kleber, also known as the Kleber/Cathedral district. This is the commercial area of Strasbourg where you will find everything from expensive fashion stores to small souvenir shops. Place Kleber itself is a huge square and something is always going on. It’s particularly charming during Christmas. You have the Cathedral near, as well as several museums. For a mix of modern entertainment and cultural attractions, this is the place to be.

You may also want to stay near Gare Centrale, the main train station. The benefit is that you can easily get around the city since you can take the tram or a taxi anywhere from here. And if you’re arriving by train, it won’t take you long to find your accommodation. The area itself is fairly interesting since there are a lot of monuments, some nice markets as well as shopping options. It’s also close enough to walk to the previous two districts we mentioned.

Business travelers may want to stay in the district of the EU institutions. Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament and Council and the politicians are here occasionally (when they aren’t in Brussels). Obviously, this means that there are many hotels in the area, and the majority of them are focused on business travelers. So you have great facilities, luxurious rooms, fast internet connections, and nice service in this particular area. It’s located quite a bit northeast of central Strasbourg, around 45 minutes walking, but transportation options are great – there are always taxis in the area, and if you want something cheaper, the tram connects the district to the center. Park of the Orangery is a solid attraction in the area, it’s a nice park where you can relax when needed!

Hotel recommendations

So now that you know the best area, the next question is quite clear – which hotel is the best?

Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile is one of the best hotels in the city, and it is located in La Petite France. A luxurious and well-decorated hotel in every way. If you want a classy stay, this is the hotel to choose.

Hotel Maison Rouge should be the pick if you want to be near Place Kleber. It is just 100 meters away. In other words, you will be near all the classic attractions, and there are many shops and restaurants in the vicinity. The hotel itself is top-notch, especially the breakfast. It’s also a big hotel, so there are usually rooms available.

A more affordable alternative to the two hotels above, yet still in the center of the city, is Hotel Suisse where room prices start at 70 euros per night.

Hotel Graffalgar is a modern hotel near the train station. It’s perfect if you want a fun experience while staying in Strasbourg for a few days. It’s a very artistic hotel and when staying here, you can easily get to some of the most popular parts of Strasbourg in a matter of minutes.

If you want to stay in the EU area, Hotel de l’Orangerie is a good choice – it’s just 700 meters away from the institutions, and the prices are very reasonable most times of the year. If you want to pay more and get a more unique experience, you can stay in the extremely popular guesthouse in the same area: La Residence de l’Orangerie, a very authentic place, also near the EU buildings and near the Orangery Park.

Getting around the city

One thing is where to stay in Strasbourg. But once you have picked a place, you still need to find out how to get around the city.

In the central parts such as in La Petite France, in the Kleber district, or near the train station, you can easily walk around and see everything. That is no problem whatsoever – the traditional part of Strasbourg is very compact.

But if you want to visit the EU facilities, some of the parks a little outside the city, or if you wish to try some of the popular French restaurants on the outskirts of Strasbourg, you can either take taxis (which is somewhat affordable) or you can use the tram which has several lines and operates for the majority of the day.

Seeing the attractions

Strasbourg has many attractions – classic sights as well as modern experiences.

We recommend that you read our full article about attractions in Strasbourg so you know what to do when you’re staying in the city.


If you have decided to visit a beautiful city like Strasbourg, you have to make sure that the trip will be unforgettable. One way to do so is by finding the right place to stay, and hopefully, the recommendations in this article will help you find the perfect hotel – or at very least, guide you towards the right areas. Have a wonderful trip!

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