Frederikshavn – Gothenburg: A Trip With The Ferry

The best way to travel between Northern Denmark and Western Sweden is by taking a ferry. Several times per day, you can sail between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg for a very affordable and comfortable journey. Here’s everything you need to know!

From Frederikshavn to Gothenberg

(And vice versa)

Stena Line is a ferry company with a lot of activities in the Scandinavian countries. One of their most popular routes is the one between Frederikshavn in Denmark and Gothenburg in Sweden. It’s a beautiful trip to take, it does not take too long, and you can easily bring your car if you need to. At the same time, it is quite cheap to sail with the Stena Line ferry, but more about that later.

It takes around three and a half hours to cover the trip. The Stena Line ferries with the names of Jutlandica, Danica and Vinga are the ones you can expect to sail with.

The waters are usually calm in this area. At the beginning of your journey, you can explore the ferry where you will find several nice things to do. There is a buffet restaurant, there are some shops onboard, and there is a casino/gaming area. Of course, you can also just enjoy the view. This is particularly important when you are near Gothenburg, whether that is at the beginning or near the end of your trip. With several small islands, the ferry sails slowly during this part of the journey, navigating in between these islands. Now, this is the time to stand outside or at least near a window and take some pictures – at least if the weather is good!

Price for taking the ferry

The prices depend on the season and what you need to bring.

If you book a one day trip, for example from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg, and you don’t need to bring a car, the prices start at just 99 DKK (15 USD) for a roundtrip. Insanely affordable, and that’s why it’s obvious to do a day trip.

However, if you need to travel on different days, the ticket prices start at 128 DKK (19 USD) each way.

A ferry ticket where you are allowed to bring your car will set you back 390 DKK (58 USD).

It is also possible to book family tickets where you get a discount if you travel as a family. You need to be at least two adults and two children for this to apply. All prices can be seen on the Stena Line website.

What to do aboard

Eating at the restaurant is a popular choice. You can also go shopping in some of the stores: Prices are quite alright compared to mainland Denmark or Sweden.

There is a gaming area that kids can enjoy, and if you want to gamble for some coins, there is also a small casino area with slot machines.

However, the best part is probably just to lean back and enjoy the ride. There is a beautiful view, especially when the weather is good, so we recommend you to spend part of the journey relaxing by a window.

A perfect day trip

This ferry ride is a great idea if you want to do an affordable day trip. If you’re visiting Northern Denmark, you get the chance to have a nice day in Sweden’s second-largest city. And if you’re taking a holiday in Gothenburg, and you want to explore Denmark as well, you can make the journey into Frederikshavn.

As mentioned, when you book a day trip where you go in the morning and come back in the evening, the prices start at just 99 DKK (15 USD) for a roundtrip ticket. A very good price, and even though it takes three and a half hours each way, it is very comfortable since the journey itself is part of the experience!

Travel tips for Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn is a small, but nice town to visit. Especially in the summer when you can go to the beach. But regardless of the season, the town offers some nice shopping opportunities, some nice restaurants, and a nice mood in general. There are also some interesting museums, and quite a few cultural events every year.

Travel tips for Gothenburg

Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is arguably the best city to visit in Sweden, even ahead of Stockholm, since it does not get over-crowded with tourists. Yet, it has awesome things to do. You can explore the great sights and attractions, such as the main buildings in Gothenburg, and you can go shopping in one of the large malls. Gothenburg has many nice restaurants and bars, particularly the latter. It’s a green and modern city where the locals are very friendly. And it’s a large city, so you will not get bored with it. If you want to visit more parts of Sweden, there are trains and buses going from Gothenburg to many nearby towns.

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