Why You Should Bring Two Phones On Your Trip

Why You Should Bring Two Phones For Your Trip
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Having a phone has never been more useful. With all the functions that modern smartphones offer, a good phone makes everything so much easier: Especially when we travel. But the importance of having access to a phone also means we can’t afford to lose it on the go. Therefore, it makes sense to bring TWO phones for your trip.

One can be your regular smartphone, and the other can be a cheaper phone or an older one. The point is that having two phones will give you peace of mind as you travel the world. Below, we list all the benefits of bringing two phones for your trip.

You’ll have a backup

The principal argument for bringing two phones is that you will have a backup if something happens to your main one.

If your main phone gets stolen – which can easily happen in a lot of places – you will have another one ready, and you will still be able to call people, send texts, show tickets, find directions, etc.

Theft is not the only thing to worry about either. Perhaps you leave your phone somewhere, the screen breaks, or maybe battery issues show up out of nowhere. You never know. So bring two phones if you can. Better to have a backup than to urgently need one in a new location.

Bring one out, leave one in

When you have two phones, it gives you the option to bring one with you while you go out – and to leave one behind in the hotel/apartment.

In general, it would be best to leave your most expensive phone at your place of accommodation and have a cheaper one to carry around. But that part is up to you. Knowing that you have an additional phone is a great comfort if something happens to you while you’re out.

Likewise, when you pack your bags and go through airports, you can carry one phone in your pocket and pack one in the checked luggage. You basically spread your risk when you do it this way.

Easy to set up a local number

Your regular phone likely has your normal SIM card inside it. And it will be running on the subscription you already have from home.

If you intend to buy a local SIM card with a local number when you arrive in a new country, it is quite nice to have an additional phone to plug it into. It allows you to use two SIMs at the same time.

Although some modern phones allow multi-SIM, it can sometimes create issues, and it is generally easier to have two phones with two numbers: Your primary phone with your regular number and your secondary phone with a local SIM from the destination you’re visiting. This is particularly important if you’re staying in a foreign country for an extended time period.

Access to different functions

You might even want to consider having one iPhone and one Android phone.

The reason is that they give you access to different apps and different functions. In some countries, there are apps that only exist for iOS and apps that only exist for Androids. By bringing two phones, each with its own operating system, you will never miss out on anything.

It’s a simple precaution

Using two phones is a valuable yet simple precaution. Phones don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily fit an additional one into a bag or a suitcase. And if you already have a primary smartphone that you are happy with, you can get a second one for a low price like $200-300. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you have the finances to travel around for extended periods, you likely have the ability to buy a backup phone as well.

Just like it makes sense to bring several pieces of clothing, and like it makes sense to bring backup money, documents, and having insurance, it is also a great choice to two phones with you when you travel. Even if it’s only for peace of mind – but as you see, there are multiple benefits!

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  1. I always travel with 2 phones! Another nice benefit is having one function as a backup battery. I keep an old phone with me (usually all the time) and use that one for spotify playlists, running strava, etc. or other things I don’t need internet for. Then I don’t have to stress as much about running the battery down on my regular phone. I also carry power banks too, but life is unpredictable, and sometimes you’re in countries with spotty electricity.

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