Considered by many to be the best travel destination in the world, Italy is one of the only countries that can offer you everything – historic cities, modern attractions, nice architecture, great weather, awesome beaches, world-class food, and anything else you could ever ask for.


For a vibrant city trip, you could easily consider Rome or Milan. Naples would be a great choice for its culinary scene, and don’t miss out on the many university cities – Bologna, Pisa and Perugia are some examples.


Of course, you could also embrace the Renaissance scene and visit the old streets of Florence where world-class artists once roamed.


The Ligurian coast could give you a beach vacation like no other, and if you like it slightly hotter, a trip to Sicily or Sardinia should suffice.


There are many options, and Italy can accommodate everything. It might be the best travel destination in the world, so if you are more curious about the various places, feel free to read our Italian travel guides below.

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